Training Cost

New York Red Bulls trainers can be scheduled based on a seasonal rate.  The minimum commitment to schedule a trainer for one season is 180 hours over a ten (10) week period.  The seasonal rate is based on the total volume of hours committed over that ten (10) week season. The table below outlines pricing at each volume level.


Number of Trainers Seasonal Hours Hourly Rates Total Season Cost
0.5 30 to 179 $105 TBD
1 180 $97 $17,460
2 360 $92 $33,120
3  540 $87 $46,980
5 900 $85 $76,500


  • Additional hours completed by allocated trainers above 180 hours will be billed based on the hourly rate. For Example, if 1 trainer is contracted at 180 hours and they complete 200 hours over the 10 week season, the additional 20 hours will be billed at $97 per hour.  
  • Organizations that wish to schedule less than 180 hours per season can do so based on availability and are placed on an initial standby list. These hours are billed at $105 per hour and must be scheduled in a minimum of 3 hour blocks per day.



Game Day Coaching

Billed at the game duration plus 30 additional minutes. For example, a 60 minute game would be billed at 90 minutes of coaching time. Where agreed and scheduled, the trainer will conduct the warm-up, half-time team talk and post-game debrief.

Tournament Billing

Tournament attendance is billed at the same rate as game day coaching: game duration plus 30 additional minutes. Attendance at a tournament requires a minimum commitment of 3 hours per day. If the trainer is required to stay overnight an additional 2 hours per night are billed. For out of region tournaments the club is responsible for any accommodation costs and round trip travel expenses in excess of 100 miles from the home club base. Travel mileage is billed at $0.20 per mile. 

Commitment Terms


Term Description
(1)  To schedule a Red Bulls trainer, a minimum commitment of 30 hours per training is required. This is based on 3 hours, 1 day  per week over a 10 week period.
(2)  If required, an additional one week make up period is added to a training program, the make up week can be used to reschedule any hours lost to rain-outs.
(3)  The following seasonal payment structure must be adhered to:
- Seasonal training commitment under $5000: Requires full payment 45 days prior to the program start date.
- Seasonal training commitment over $5000: 50% is due 45 days prior to the program start date; final balance is due 7 days after the program end date.
(4)  An organization can commit to a maximum agreement term of three years. The organization is guaranteed to receive the current published pricing structure for each year of the agreement.
(5)  An organization that reaches an additional pricing category during a ten week season will receive the relevant per hour rate for all hours completed in that season.

Scheduling Terms

Term Description
 (1)  Training Program start dates are set based on the Red Bulls seasonal training calendar.
 (2)  For each weekday night that is booked, a primary and secondary option must be provided. E.g. If an organization requires 2 training nights, 4 preferred training nights must be provided.
 (3)  An organization that commits to 4 training nights over a 10 week period, receives week night scheduling exclusivity.
 (4)  Game attendance: Minimum commitment of 1.5 hours per game required, additional time is billed as required.
 (5)  An organization will receive confirmed scheduling details a minimum of 21 days prior to a program start date.

Additional Questions

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