Select Festival

Welcome to the sixth annual Red Bulls Select Festival! 

2019's event is bigger than ever before, with 14 different teams from RDS, ENY & NJYS Young Olympians, and WYSL Select, participating across the boys and girls 2008 and 2009 age groups.

The schedule can be seen below, and scores will be updated as the event progresses.

In addition to the opportunity to participate in the Select Festival, all today's guests also receive an exclusive invite to Red Bulls Select Combine at Golden Goal Tournament Park. Information is provided at the bottom of the page.

Boys' Schedule


Girls' Schedule


5:30pm: RDS 6-0 ENY

6:00pm: RDS 12-0 WYSL

6:30pm: ENY 3-2 WYSL



7:30pm: ENY 2-1 WYSL

7:50pm: RDS 2-0 NJYS

8:10pm: ENY 1-4 NJYS

8:30pm: RDS 6-0 WYSL

8:50pm: ENY 0-9 RDS

9:10pm: WYSL 0-1 NJYS



5:30pm: RDS 7-1 ENY

6:00pm: RDS 12-0 WYSL

6:30pm: ENY 0-2 WYSL



7:30pm: ENY 4-1 WYSL

7:50pm: RDS 2-0 NJYS

8:10pm: ENY 2-0 NJYS

8:30pm: RDS 6-1 WYSL

8:50pm: ENY 1-5 RDS

9:10pm: WYSL 2-0 NJYS

*Please note that scores are provided for informational purposes only. We do not keep standings, and there are no trophies or medals for placing. The event is solely an opportunity for our select pathways to compare progress.

Red Bulls Select Combine:

The Select Combine is a five-day, four night residential camp at Golden Goal Tournament Park. This residential camp is our most competitive of the summer, and features player pools from the following select groups:

  • Red Bulls Development Academy U12 (2008)
  • Red Bulls Pre-Academy Boys U10 (2010) & U11 (2009)
  • Red Bulls Pre-Academy Girls U12 (2008) and U13 (2007)
  • All other select pathways (all age groups), including ENYYSA, NJYSA & WYSL

For more information on this unique training opportunity, visit:

To register, visit: