RDS Testimonials

I wanted to express my happiness with the Red Bulls RDS, including its Residential program. The programs are extremely well run; and the player evaluations are terrific.  They are very detailed and personal and really give my son specific things he can work on leading into the next RDS program.  Thanks again for the great job that you guys are doing for our kids.
- Jim

Chris has had a fantastic experience with you guys and I believe it's truly helped him to further his development.  You guys have also inspired him and that has been invaluable. He has gotten exposure to top players and coaches as well as a taste of a professional environment.  For that, and everything else you all have given, we are grateful.  My younger son Aleksei is getting the same experience being part of the RDS so it will be good to still be a part of it.
- Chris

Jared really enjoyed his first RDS camp experience. It was really neat to witness his enthusiasm when I picked him up yesterday … and listen to his stories for the 3 hour car ride home. He's always loved the sport, but I saw a new level of excitement and self-confidence in him. Thanks for your leadership of the program. Carlos and the gang are top notch!
See you again soon.
- Mike

I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you and RDS for a great training session this Spring. I particularly appreciate the feedback and evaluation that we received for Brody. Not all programs provide as much detail in their evaluations as we received from RDS. Thanks for running a great program and making it fun for the kids.
- Bryon

Just saying thank you for the opportunity and the experience that red bulls provided for my son . My son and I are very happy and looking forward to coming back again in the fall. Ross was awesome and all the other coaches were nice and pleasant and always have a minute to answer any question and concern that I may have had. My son really adores Ross and blossoms under his training.
- Merna

Mattie has really enjoyed the past 3 seasons and is looking forward to continuing with the program. He also really enjoyed the Peddie School Camp this summer. He is looking forward to repeating it next summer and also maybe the Golden Goal camp. You guys truly do a fantastic job. All of the trainers are excellent as well.  Anyway, thank you again.
- Jason

It was a such a great experience for James not only from a soccer perspective, but growing into a young man. I just wanted to thank you and your staff as they were great to him throughout the entire week especially Ricky, Zack, Gareth and Carlos. The professionalism and quality from your staff continues to impress me, and has since we were first introduced to the Red Bulls RDS system when James was 8.
- Mike & Michelle

My son Noah had an incredible week at Peddie. I'm NOT an easy sell for things, but the Red Bulls is top notch! The coaches, your communication, the organization and clarity of everything, and the dual emphasis of soccer skills and character are such a critical combination for developing kids into great people (not just great soccer players). We are thrilled to be part of Red Bulls programs. 
- Suzanna

Thank you for having the team with us. They were exceptional.  I am glad they got to come and experience the Rushfest.  Your staff were special as well.  They are good people. 
- Tim

Thank you again for your team's time and efforts to make my son, Zachary's first RDS Residential Camp a first-class experience. His recap of activities, training and overall team environment with the coaches and teammates was truly a perfect present on his 10th birthday during his week-long stay.
- Rachel and Rich

Annalisa and I want to send you a note regarding the training we received this past session with Carlos. He trained our boys for the last 9 weeks. The training was excellent.  Being an educator I am very focused on how teachers and coaches communicate and explain concepts to their students/players.  Carlos tactical and technical training with the boys was excellent.  We were very happy with coach Carlos and your RB program.  Thank you again for the wonderful experience .
- Manola and Annalisa

We wanted to thank you. Andrew had a marvelous experience in the spring. We thought the technical training was some of the best we've seen. That was matched with immediate feedback of good play and correction when needed. In addition, the coaches stopping play to help foster critical thinking was invaluable. The Consistency week after week was so appreciated. WELL DONE!!! I'm sure you hear this frequently but we were impressed. We've trained in many places, this is a good program!
- Carol

Macy really enjoyed the RBNY RDS camp! Thank you for the fantastic opportunity for Macy to attend! She loved her coach Dean and said the campus was beautiful. Thank you also for the excellent feed back, Macy's goal this season is to increase her speed of play.
- Cassie

Between Kurt and Corrin, you and RDS have been part of our family and routine.  One good piece of news I wanted to share with you, is that Corrin was recently selected to represent Region I in ODP for her age group.  She's made ODP before, but this is the first time she's been selected to the Region.  We always  credit a big part of her soccer knowedge and skill to the RDS training that she's received over all these years. Just wanted to say thanks.
- Carol

I must thank you again for the opportunity you provided for my son, Ryan. He could not say enough about the entire experience...he literally said he had the time of his life! He made so many new friends, adored his trainer, Coach Zach, and we saw the transformation in him as he came away. He was a very different player leaving than he was when he arrived at the camp! Thank you so much!
- Jennifer

Just a quick a note to say 'thank you' again for running an outstanding training program that incorporates a challenging and fun program delivered by highly qualified trainers which assists many players to reach a high level of play. As for Bree, she is very excited and honored that she has recently been accepted to participate in the New Jersey Youth Soccer Region 1 player pool. We strongly believe that the training she has received through the Red Bulls has had a big positive impact on Bree's soccer playing. 
- Keith

I wanted to say thank you for the fantastic week for Jake at Golden Goal.  Your staff is top notch just as your program is. As always, everything was excellent! Thank you for your time.
- Jonathan

I wanted to thank you and all the coaches, as always another great trip organization by RDS! We appreciate all the work on and off the pitch you and your team doing. The experience he had with Texas and Colorado is priceless. We would love Attila to participate in RDS again. Thanks again for everything. RDS is the best program :))
- Ayse

Kayleigh enjoyed another great year in the RDS Training program and playing on the Showcase team. We want to thank Carlos and your whole training team for everything. She will see you in the summer.
- Dan

I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, and thank you again to you and the other coaches for making this trip such a memorable experience for Dylan.  First words he said to me last night at the airport when you guys arrived were, "That was the best trip ever!"  Although he was tired, he recounted every moment on the way home from the airport.  So thank you once again to you and your staff for always making him have wonderful experiences at any camp or training session he has attended.  You guys are truly professional and you work very well with children. 
- Dayana

I just wanted to thank you for the experience for my son Jack. The first thing he said when he saw me was, "I am definitely coming back next year."  The connections he has made with the coaches and other players will have a lasting effect on him. Coach Ross specifically was instrumental in Jack's love for this past week.  We can not thank him enough, so please pass on my sentiments. 
- Steve

I wanted to thank you for giving my son Luke the opportunity to go to the camp this past week. He had an awesome experience. He went with his teammate Andrew, but he also made lots of new friends. Looking forward to next year.
Thank you!
- Andrea

I’m not sure how often you get to hear success stories but I wanted to share Grace’s, so that you can pass it along as you feel appropriate.  Sage was Grace’s trainer so she will be happy to hear the following...Her skills have improved so much in such a short amount of time, we have had people asking us about her where she received her training.  Of course, we credit Red Bulls training camp at Peddie this past summer and specifically, we credit Sage. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you VERY MUCH for the RDS experience. I have been exposed to so many soccer organizations by now, and as a business expert I can say that nothing comes close to the professional and efficient manner in which you run the RDS operation!
- Oded

I just wanted to say thank you.  Last night was an excellent experience.  You have a top notch organization that I am happy Jake has become a part of.  You and your staff, and the entire Red Bulls organization treat these kids with the utmost respect as if they were professional athletes.  I could not possibly tell you enough of how pleased we have been over these years. So, I just wanted to take the moment to thank you for all that you do, we are very appreciative of everything.
- Jonathan

Riley has looked forward to each and every practice, and comes home happy and full of soccer dialogue of what she has learned.  After her weekly club games, she makes references to  moves she used in the game, and credits Carlos for teaching her how to do it. I just wanted to say thank you, and let you know that we are very grateful for this valuable learning experience that Red Bulls has so generously provided her this year.  We also would like to compliment Carlos, for his great coaching and mentoring.
- Joan