Receiving in the Air - Chest, Thigh, Foot

  • Get into line with the ball
  • Assess the flight as the ball travels
  • Select the appropriate surface
  • Arms out for balance
  • Withdraw surface upon impact
  • Directions of touch to enable next action

Receiving in the Air - Chest

Receiving in the Air - Thigh

Receiving in the Air - Foot

Receiving On Ground - Inside Foot

  • Receive with furthest foot from the ball
  • Slight hop onto standing foot on contract to prepare for next action
  • Receive with the toe pointed up and ankle locked

Receiving On Ground - Outside Spin

Receiving on Ground - Inside Spin

Receiving On Ground - Moving Cruyff

Receiving on Ground - Outside Foot

  • Receive with the nearest foot to the ball
  • Toe down ankle locked
  • Arms out for balance to feel for defender
  • Next action is to turn or protect the ball