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Be a Student of Your Game

Many times coaches encourage their players to study and watch the game of soccer by saying, “Be a student of the game.” I’d like you to take it a step further and be a student of your game. What I mean by this is you have the opportunity to constantly learn from every practice, game, or life situation that you are in. Great players are constantly studying what’s working well and what they want to improve. Let’s do what great players do…. Be a student of your game: Keep a Journal  
When should I write in my journal?

The quiet time after the game, on the car ride or bus ride home. It’s good to write when you are calm and can be more of an observer, with less emotion about your performance.



How often should I write in my journal?

You should write in your journal 3 to 5 times a week between practice and games for your use or to share with your coach.  


  • Raises your awareness. Journal writing makes you reflect and can give you a new perspective not just on performance details but about your thoughts and feelings.
  • Journal writing helps us discover what we know and don’t know about what we’re working on in our game.
  •  Writing about what’s on your mind and ‘getting it off your chest’ can reduce stress.
  •  Journal writing can help you set your goals by writing them down and checking them off as they are accomplished.
  •   Helps sharpen your mental skills by writing down what you were thinking and feeling and when you played your best.
  • Helps your self-confidence. The chance to look back on your past accomplishments can boost your confidence in times of doubt. This reminds us of the hard work and all the hours we put in.  It reminds us that we earned the right to play at this level.
  • It’s a way to remember the fun stuff. A way to remember old teammates and some of the funny things that have happened in and around the game we love so much.
  • If you’re coming back from an injury and you’re feeling tentative or anxious.  Writing in your Journal is a chance to remind yourself of some of things that you’ve accomplished, and things that people have said about you and your play. This can get you really psyched  to play again.
  • College and professional players keep journals to help remind them of their past successes as well as keep the memories of their playing days.
  • Writing in your Journal can help you create great scripts you can use for imagery and visualization of the way you want to play.
  • Most importantly, writing in your Journal SHOULD BE FUN!!. This is yours and you should set it up just the way you want it. Draw funny faces /pictures, add stickers, quotes, funny stories, whatever!  Make it your own. Make your Journal something that you want to keep so years after you finish playing you’ll have the memories to look back on and remember how far you’ve come. 

“It’s the start that stops most people.”   

The hardest thing is getting started. So here are some helpful topics to get you started writing.               


My favorite player is_____________.

The three things that I admire most about my favorite player are:

The two things my favorite player does and I want to be able to do are:

The reasons I love to play soccer are_______________________________________.

The most fun thing about soccer this year is_________________________________.

The funniest thing that ever happened to me playing soccer was_________________.

The weirdest thing that ever happened was__________________________________.

Performance evaluation suggestions for your Journal writing:
               Date______________                                                         Opponent_________________
                           Rating My Performance -scale 1-10   (low being 1- 10 being highest)

My pre-game preparation in regard to water, diet and sleep?

Evaluation of my warm up?

My effort and work rate level?

My communication with my teammates?

My focus?

My decision-making with the ball under pressure? 

My movement off the ball?
I rate my overall performance today a______________________________________.

Parts of my game that were good today were_______________________________.

What I’d like to improve upon this week in practice is_________________________.

I rate my overall performance today a

The best place to keep your soccer journal is in your kit bag. It should always with your cleats, socks and shin guards. Once you get the habit of consistently writing in your Journal and analyzing what you wrote, you will start to see the benefits in your performance.