Defending - Closing Down from Behind

  • Close down quickly as the ball travels
  • Slow down as you approach the attacker
  • Get in touch tight - prevent attacker from turning
  • Bend the knees, stay sideways on to the ball
  • Mirror the attackers feet
  • Prepare for next action - delay or tackle

Defending - Closing Down from the Front

  • Close down quickly
  • Assess the flight as the ball travels
  • Select the appropriate surface
  • Arms out for balance
  • Withdraw surface upon impact
  • Direction of touch enables next action

Defending - The Block Tackle

  • Position is side on
  • Place non-tackling foot next to the ball by stepping forward
  • Angle locked with toe pointed up
  • Tackle with the foot moving away from the player
  • Drive through the center of the ball
  • Tackle using your full body weight

Defending - The Poke Tackle

  • Poke the ball using the front foot (one closest to the ball)
  • Lock the ankle
  • Weight is on the back foot
  • Poke the ball at an angle (diagonal)
  • Body weight forward to gain possession