First Kick

First KICK Program Information

The Red Bulls First KICK soccer training program is for children ages 3 to 5 years. Research has shown that involvement in sport at a young age can help in developing basic motor and cognitive skills. The program uses fun based soccer training activities that focus on developing a range of fundamental skills. Specific focus is given to:

  • Agility, balance and coordination
  • Physical awareness
  • Movement patterns and sequences
  • Spatial awareness
  • Social skills
  • Listening skills

Session format

  • Each session has been designed around fun based games that promote the programs core values.
  • The curriculum has been created by professional child development experts that have extensive experience in designing child centered training programs.
  • Each class is delivered by highly enthusiastic and experienced Red Bulls youth soccer coaches.

While the theme of the session is soccer, the main focus of the program is to help develop a strong physically foundation and advanced motor skills.

Program Structure

  • Each session typically runs between 45 to 60 minutes, with one session per week over a 6 week period.
  • Courses are offered during the spring, fall and winter seasons.

Host Locations

  • The program can be hosted by any sports organization that has the ability to provide a small indoor or outdoor play area.
  • If you have access to a play area please contact us for more information on hosting a First KICK program.

Course Locations

•    To find a list of local courses please click

More Information


•    Call: 1-888-370-7287
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