Club Tryout Services


Tryout Program Overview

The New York Red Bulls Academy offers youth soccer organization in the New York and New Jersey area with support and advice in operating seasonal tryouts and player assessment events.  For many youth soccer organizations, one of the biggest problems encountered is player tryouts. The issues faced often involve:

- Philosophy and approach towards assessing players  
- Additional time required from volunteers
- Organization and logistics
- Tryout format and structure
- Providing impartial results
- Correct implementation of results

For selected partner clubs, the Academy offers turnkey tryout services to negate these issues. Tryout services offered include consultation advice in setting up a tryout system and a complete tryout package, providing professional support with a high level of organization and professional assessment.

Tryout Philosophy

- The Red Bulls Academy believe simplicity and realism to the game itself are the most effective ways of assessing the skill level of a player.
- Simple organization creates an environment for a fair and accurate assessment of technical and tactical ability. Players and assessors are not confused with different activities or rotations; therefore more time is spent playing.
- Small-sided games with variable conditions are utilized to create specific attacking and defending situations.  This allows for increased ball contact and greater opportunity to assess each player individually. 
- Players are assessed in relation to the average ability level of the tryout group. This will precipitate more accurate and reliable results, as the goal of the tryout is to identify the most competent players within the group.
- The tryout process can cater to one team or 20 teams.  Typically each tryout session lasts for 90 minutes, including set up and explanation.  The exact format can be tailored to meet the host organizations requirements.
Next Steps

To find out more information and to have a Red Bulls representative discuss your tryout structure:

Call:1-888-370-7287 or e-mail us