Winter Clinic Definitions

Dynamic Dribbling – Players will improve their ability to move with the ball at speed, while using a variety of foot surfaces and change of direction techniques.

Creative Passing – Explore a variety of ways to pass the ball to catch your opponent unaware

First Touch – Learn how to have a killer first touch that can help you maintain possession of the ball and set you up for your next action.

Finishing – We’ll create a variety of situations in which quick play is required before finishing on goal.

Attacking – Players ability to be positive with the ball while looking to play forwards (towards opposition’s goal).

Combinations – Explore ways to connect with teammates in close quarters while looking to get behind the opponent and play to goal.

Creative Touch – Players explore a multitude of ways of controlling the ball with your first touch and look to be creative in order to deceive their opponent.

Striking – Players will learn to strike the ball with power and accuracy while looking to score goals.

1v1’s – We’ll create a variety of 1v1 situations for players to explore while challenging them to take the ball forwards.

Specific Passing – Learn when, where and how to pass the ball with pace and accuracy, helping players connect more passes in the game.

Deceptive Receiving – How you receive the ball in soccer is everything! Learn to receive the ball with a variety of techniques that will help create more time and space on the ball, while catching your opponent off guard.

Goal Scoring – Preparing you to become the next BWP! Learn to make great decisions in front of goal and up your goal scoring numbers.