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What is the focus of the Winter Training Programs?

The clinics provide youth soccer players with an opportunity to continue their skill development during the off-season. The focus of the program is on individual technical development, each session of the six (6) week program focuses on a different technique. A breakdown of the curriculum can be found here

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What is the difference between a Skills Clinic and RDS Clinics?

RDS Winter Clinics are try-out based and therefore cater to advanced level players, skills clinics are open registration and cater to a broad range of players. 

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What is Futbolinho?

Futbolinho is Red Bulls’ version of futsal, and comprises a fast-paced, small-sided curriculum that focuses on individual skills such as dribbling, moves, and turns.Played using low rebound, size 2 soccer balls, each player spends maximum contact time on the ball, therefore improving their confidence and composure while in possession. The hardwood floor, enclosed walls, and continuous playing time all lead to a fast-paced game that improves a player’s reactions, agility, speed, and confidence in one versus one situations. The unrivaled ball contact time, and ultra-small-sided games also mean that players are constantly in the action

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When do winter clinics run?

We offer two seasons of Winter Training Clinics. Each season is six weeks long. Season 1 begins in November; we then take a break between seasons during the winter holidays. Season 2 will begin again in January. Click HERE for specific dates and locations 

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How are the training groups constructed?

Training groups are co-ed and are allocated based on age groups.  Each winter location serves 3 age groups: 6-7 years, 8-9 years, 10-11 years.  The average player-to-coach ratio is 1-14. 

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Can I sign up for both RDS and Training Programs, and withdraw from Training Programs if accepted at RDS try-out?

Yes, but only for season 1 (Nov through Jan). Players may register for a Training program clinic to ensure a space is safe, and then register for RDS try-outs which are held the week before. In the event the player is accepted for RDS, they may withdraw from the Training Program clinic, receiving a full refund and with all admin fees waived. For season 2, RDS try outs, and the first week of Training Program clinics ocurr in the same week, so this is not possible. However, by then most players should have a firm understanding of which program is right for them.

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Can I attend with my whole team?

Yes, if booked early enough a full team can booked in one timeslot, if the team has less than 12 players other individually registered players may be placed in the group. Additionally, teams that have access to indoor space in their own community can inquire about booking a trainer to specifically work with their team in their home community. 

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Are there any winter Red Bulls teams?

Red Bulls winter sessions are strictly on a supplementary basis. However, the RDS offers Showcase Tournament teams for the top level players in the program, and participation is strictly by invite only. The invitation process for 2017/2018 season has already commenced, but players interested in earning an invite to try out for the 2018-2019 Showcase teams can earn eligibility through participation in the upcoming season of RDS. To learn more about the process, visit:

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How do I register?

All registrations are taken online, click here and use the multitude of search options to find a program in your area.

A full list of winter programs can also be reviewed on this page

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When does registration open?

Member registration for winter clinics typically opens the last week of September, public registration opens first week of October. You can sign up to receive winter announcements here

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Do I need to bring immunization records, or fill them out online?

You do not need to bring or fill out the immunization records for a winter clinic

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How can I learn more about host indoor facilities?

Winter training locations are offered at over forty indoor facilities through NY and NJ, to learn more about each facility including playing surface and location please click here

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Is there a set check-in and check-out location and procedure?

Yes, our coaches will meet you at the entrance of the field and check you player in and out for each training session. Parent or guardian must be present for this procedure. If anyone other than the players parent will be picking the player up, please provide a note for our coaches to be aware.

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Are there bathroom facilities at each location?

Yes! Each of our host locations have bathroom facilities available.

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What equipment is my player given?

Players will receive a New York Red Bulls Adidas t-shirt!

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What clothing should my child wear?

Your child should wear comfortable sportswear. Also, make sure they are dressed appropriately for the indoor facility climate, not all facilities are heated. Players attending RDS are required to wear white shorts and white socks, and will be provided with a navy RDS training tee shirt which should be worn at all times.

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What footwear should my child wear?

Your child should wear turf shoes, indoor soccer shoes or sneakers. 

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What equipment should my child bring?

Your child should bring water, shin guards and a soccer ball. For RDS sessions, players do not need to bring a ball, as the coaches provide these each week.

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How are weather related cancellations communicated?

If any program is cancelled, you will receive notification via email. If you do not receive an e-mail it is safe to assume that training is still on!

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In the event of a cancellation, when is the make-up date?

Make-up sessions are only offered subject to facility availability. Although we make every effort to organize a make up session, this is contingent on the facility being able to accommodate the extra field time. In the event that the facility is unavailable for a make-up session, no refunds will be offered.  An account credit for the equal value of the time will be applied to your account for use on future programs.

Please note, if you are unable to attend a session due to a personal schedule conflict, refunds, pro-rating, or substitute locations will not be offered.

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