Club Futbolinho


Foot_on_ballProgram Overview

The Club Futbolinho program can be hosted by selected youth soccer organizations within the states of New York and New Jersey.  The program has been modeled after the highly successful RDS Futbolinho program which is a tryout based training program for advanced level players. Parents that are looking to sign their child up for the RDS Futbolinho should visit the RDS page.



Club Futbolinho Program Structure

  • A youth soccer organization can apply to become a host location
  • The program operates for 8 weeks, one night per week, each session is between 60-90 minutes
  • The program is for players aged 7 – 14 years
  • The host organization is required to provide an appropriate indoor gym space (e.g. Basketball court)

Club Futbolinho Training Focus

  • Futbolinho is a fast-paced, small-sided, indoor training tool.
  • The program uses size 2 rebound soccer balls which ensure that each player spends maximum contact time on the ball, therefore improving their confidence and composure whilst in possession.
  • The hardwood floor, enclosed walls, and continuous playing time all lead to a fast-paced game that improves a player’s reactions, stamina and speed. The unrivaled ball contact time, and ultra small-sided games also mean that players are constantly in the action.
  • The Club Futbolinho program also serves as a stepping stone and pathway for aspiring players to join the esteemed RDS Futbolinho program.

Next Steps

To enquire about hosting a club Futbolinho:

Call: 1-888-370-7287
E-mail: click here