Ball Mastery

The following table provides an overview of the week by week training curriculum along with example content for the Ball Mastery Clinics. Each season consists of six (6) one (1) hour training sessions.

Ball Mastery

Week  U8 - Static   U10 - Dynamic  U12 - Combination
1  Soccer Dance  Tap, Tap, Roll L - Turn, Roll Across
2 Inside, Inside, Outside Double L -Turn Roll, Step, Stop, Twist, Roll, Spin
3 Heel Toe Heel Turns Heel Toe, Roll Behind Standing Leg
4  Laces, Outside, Inside Continuous Scissors Scissors, Cannon
5  Double Vs V - L V - L, Switch Feet
6 Inside Swish Slap Cut, Reverse Slap Cut Slap Cut, Tap w/ Opposite Foot, Roll Original Foot


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Below you will find videos depicting examples of the skills to be covered during the Ball Mastery Clinics.


Static - Soccer Dance

Static -Inside, Inside, Outside

Dynamic - Tap, Tap, Roll

Dynamic - Double L - Turn

Combination - L-Turn, Roll Across

Combination - Roll, Step, Stop, Twist, Roll, Spin