Team Camp

Team Camp Overview

A Red Bulls team camp is one of several summer camp opportunities that are offered to players within New York and New Jersey. Organizations and individual teams have the opportunity to host a soccer team camp in their local community. Team camps are offered for youth soccer and high school programs. Camps consist of five days of intense level soccer training.


Team Camp Soccer Curriculum - Topics Covered

The New York Red Bulls understands that every team has its own unique training demands. Therefore a flexible curriculum approach is offered, so that selected topics can be extensively covered and revisited based on the team’s ability level and rate of progress. There are five core building blocks that make up the team camp training week. Central to each area is:

  • Maximum ball contact
  • Conditioning with the ball
  • Team building

Overview of Topics     

Based on the teams' ability level, training topics will be taken from each of the relevant building blocks:

Building Block        Topic
Motor Skill Development
  • Movement based activities to promote the development of motor skills
  • Ball related activities to promote physical literacy and technique familiarity
Technique and Skill Development
  • Dribbling, turning, running with the ball, receiving, passing, shooting, crossing, heading, closing down, tackling
Individual Tactics
  • 1v1 attacking, 1v1 defending, decision making, transition
 Group Tactics
  • Combinations, runs off the ball, playing to targets, creating
    space for others, when to possess and when to penetrate, angles
    and distance of support, interchanging roles
  • Attacking numbers up, switching play, transition, exploiting width, counter attacking, speed of play, denying space, staying compact, defending
    numbers down
 Team Tactics
  • Possession, changing the point of attack, attacking from the flanks,
    speed of play, counter attacking, numbers up/down situations,
    playing from the middle third to the final third, playing out of the
  • Zonal or man to man defending, high and low pressure
    defending, midfield defending, slowing the play, defending from
    crosses, systems of play, restarts

The following video shares an example activity from our team camp curriculum


A team camp runs for five days, three hours per day, below is a breakdown of a typical day: 


Section Time Theme Key Points
Warm Up 15 minutes Ball Mastery
  • Main focus is to maximize ball contact
  • One ball per player to develop skill
Main Activity 75 minutes Skill Phase
  • Focus on one main theme per day
  • Technical application to skill mastery
  • High frequency of repetition and variety
  • Techniques introduced on a scale from non opposed to fully opposed
Activity Break 15 minutes Break
  • Team building activities
Conditioned Activity 45 minutes Game Related
  • Small sided group play is the typical organization
  • Conditions added to reinforce the application of skill
  • Activities to goal with many attacking and defending opportunities
Match  25 minutes Free Play
  • Session ends with a competitive scrimmage
 Debrief  5 minutes Homework
  • Review of daily topic and homework assignment

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