A New York Red Bulls Mini KICK Soccer Camp is targeted to players ages 5 - 6 years. Research shows that a player who is just starting out needs to immediately experience the fun aspect of the game. Therefore, the Mini KICK Soccer Camp focuses on teaching soccer fundamentals in a fun based play environment.

Below is more information regarding the structure of the Mini KICK Soccer Camp. At the bottom of the page there is a link which provides access to a list of Mini KICK Camps.

Sample Mini KICK Activity

Characteristics of a U6 Player
  • Short attention span
  • Learn through fun and games
  • Easily fatigued, quick recovery, play at two speeds - on or off
  • Lack balance and coordination
The mini KICK camp curriculum focuses on two main areas: (1) PHYSICAL LITERACY & (2) BALL AWARENESS

  • Tag-based activities to promote changes in speed and direction
  • Movement-based activities to promote the development of motor skills
  • Small-sided games to promote healthy competition

  • Ball-related activities to promote physical literacy and technique familiarity
  • Imaginative, cartoon based games to promote fun and maintain player focus  
Session Structure
  • 5 day camp, each session lasts for 90 minutes
  • Individual sessions consist of many short, fun activities
  • Lots of short breaks
  • A non-directive, fun-based coaching style is adopted

Host Locations

The program can be hosted by any sports organization that has the ability to provide a suitable field. To view a list of current camp locations visit our registration center.

Fore More Information or to host a Mini KICK Camp:
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