Our Training Programs are guaranteed to make a lasting impact on youth soccer organizations and the lives of young players. Below is a selection of testimonials from our SEASONAL TRAINING programs:


- My name is Tim and I am a soccer coach in Scotch Plains for one of the Kindergarten boys teams. I have been a coach in Scotch Plains for a number of years and had very positive experiences with all of the Red Bulls trainers we worked with in the past. This spring Patrick was assigned to our team. In a word he was OUTSTANDING! Patrick brings an unbelievable amount of energy and enthusiasm to every practice and game day. The kids (and parents) on my team absolutely loved him. He made the practices very enjoyable with the many different drills and games he introduced the kids to each week. After many practices my son would come home and show his older sister (who has been playing for 7 years) all of the different drills he learned that week from Coach Patrick. Tim, Parent Coach, Scotch Plains Fanwood Soccer Association 6/22/12

- As we near the end of our spring season with Billy as our Red Bulls trainer and the Red Bulls Training program's first season with Mahopac Soccer, I want to quickly drop you a line and express how impressed and satisfied I have been as a coach within the program. I will also extend my sincerest and most flattering remarks about the attitude, organization, and professionalism of Billy. He quickly made a good first impression, ran all sessions with energy and purpose and quite frankly is a respected and counted member of our coaching staff. He took the extra effort to get to know the players, connecting on a personal and committed level. Michael, Parent Coach, Mahopac Flames 6/20/12

- Ryan and I wanted to thank you again for working with the Red Bulls "Believe" program. You are outstanding with the kids and i am hoping that your professionalism and compassion rubbed off on my other two sons, Christian and Sean. A few more people like you in this world and it would be a completely different place. Keep up the good work and good luck in Africa. Chris and Ryan, Parents Believe program Harrison NJ 6/8/11

- I wanted to drop you a quick note about the progress of the U14 Metros. After a difficult and disappointing fall the team was really in a bad spot. The boys had lost confidence and their play suffered accordingly. Things looked pretty bleak. However, I'm happy to report, after the excellent training and guidance of Dean this past winter. And now the continued positive work and excellent training of Mark... The team is making a very significant turn around. As is evidence by their two winning results this past weekend. I know we try not to measure the boys growth too much in wins and losses. But the evidence is clear and obvious to view in their play on the field and their overall attitude. These two gentlemen really know what they are doing on the pitch and understand how to work with boys of this age. It's a real pleasure to watch them work. Chirs, Coach Montclair United U14 Metros 4/04/11

- I wanted to write you a short note about our trainer Neil. I have worked with Neil for several years as he has also been a trainer for my daughter's inter-county soccer team. He now trains the 3rd and 4th grade boys of which one is my son, Paul. I wanted to let you know how thrilled we are to have such a fine trainer as Neil. He makes every practice exciting for the boys, is always on time and never fails to come up with a game that is both educational and fun for the boys. His enthusiasm is infectious and I have had many parents come up to me to share their appreciation of Neil's love for the game with me. I also spoke to many of the coaches during practice today to get an overall feeling for Neil and they were ALL extremely happy with Neil and the boys adore him. We're sorry that the season is over and hope to have him back next year! Chris, 3rd and 4th Grade League Coordinator Westfield Boys Soccer program 11/06/10

- Just wanted to reach out and let you know that it has been a pleasure working with Ian this season. We have had several trainers through the years and I can honestly say that Ian is head and shoulders above the rest. He has the ability to keep our players engaged and focused, while addressing and improving critical soccer skills. His professional attitude and personable skills make him a very effective trainer and the Red Bulls should be commended on the quality of their staff. We look forward to working with Ian in the future and I will do everything in my power to get him back. Bill, Coach South Plainfield U14 Storm 11/09/10

- Dave, This is just quick note to tell you that our 3 trainers, Mario, Paul, and Scott did a great job for us this season. The note below is from our U9A boys coach, showing his appreciation for Mario...

"Just wanted to give you some quick feedback. I just went through the individual evaluations and team one from Mario and they were really on point and I will be using that info when implementing new training for them in the future. The kids loved him and he was definitely crucial in helping the skills portion of training and it gave me more flexibility to work on game concepts and other important things I would not have been able to if I had to have them work on skills so much. Also his communication with me and the game evaluations were really helpful especially with me moving kids around to positions where they were more comfortable and successful this season. Not to mention he followed my requests to work on specific things we would not have had time for otherwise. Sorry to add to your already full inbox but I just wanted to let you know I think he did a great job and he helped our kids development tremendously." Tom, U9A boys Coach

- The note is typical of most of the feedback that I've gotten on all three. Bernie, VP Travel Haverford SC 11/10/10