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Pyramid_-2015_CurrentThe New York Red Bulls Academy System is a multi-layered program that provides a professional soccer training environment for youth players. The soccer programs are operated  as part of the Red Bulls global approach to player development. With soccer academies in Austria, Germany, Brazil, and New York, the Red Bulls are able to draw on extensive support and expertise to offer the highest level of youth soccer programs in the New York and New Jersey area. There are four levels which make up the pyramid. At the base is our Training Programs which serves players at the grassroots level. The next level, our Regional Development School, operates as a satellite program for talented players that are looking for additional soccer training. Additionally, the RDS also acts as a recruitment platform for our academy teams. At the academy level, players are selected to represent Red Bulls teams; where players can ultimately progress to the Red Bulls First Team. The Red Bulls provide soccer training and education  to players, coaches, parents and soccer organizations throughout the local area.

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Club Program
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Try-out Program 
Urban Soccer Program


The following video provides an overview of the Red Bulls global approach to player development.

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