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THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT: New York Red Bulls Girls Programs

Girls Training Programs

The New York Red Bulls are committed to developing and improving the level of youth soccer in the tri-state area. From an early age, the Red Bulls offer coaching and instruction to youth players of all skill levels. Whether that means providing a fun, safe environment to play the beautiful game, to developing the next Homegrown MLS star, the Red Bulls’ multi-layered youth program offers something for everyone.

In The Future is Bright series, takes a closer look at the organization’s youth development platform.


While there is no first team on the girls’ side of Red Bull, the training programs include girls’ camps, teams and coaches.  Girls programs run from age 8-14 and the teams include some of the best players from New Jersey, Manhattan, Long Island and other parts of New York.

The teams are picked on a tryout basis and at the end of each camp, RDS Showcase Teams are put together to showcase in tournaments.  Similarly to the boys’ side of RDS, many female RDS players have gone on to play in college and RDS helps them achieve their goal of playing at a high level. 

The RDS Showcase Teams put together for showcase tournaments often come with a lot of college scouts and prospects.  Due to the compilation of talented players throughout the tri-state area, the Showcase teams are often ranked throughout the tournament and are winning the tournaments because of their high level of play.

“There is no difference for girls and boys and the training and preparation is equivalent for everyone.  The coaching methodology is the same as well,” Senior Manager of Coach Recruitment and Education, Marguerite Ferrell said. 

There are also currently 27 female coaches who participate throughout the Red Bulls’ training programs who coach both boys and girls.  

“It is important for us to get the girls involved, both on the field and on the touch-line,” Ferrell said.  “Having strong female players and coaches just proves to everyone else that Red Bull is committed to having quality on the field for both boys and girls.”

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