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Red Bulls RDS girls parade down Canyon of Heroes with U.S. Women’s National Team

July 19, 2015 09:38 PM

HARRISON, N.J. – Friday July 10, 2015 was a special day to honor women’s accomplishments, thanks to the 2015 FIFA World Cup champion U.S. Women’s National Team (USWNT). The momentous occasion marked the first ever ticker tape parade for a women’s team in New York City, and the Red Bulls Regional Development School (RDS) girls were there to enjoy it alongside their role models.

Prior to the event, it was announced that the New York Red Bulls would have a float in the parade down the Canyon of Heroes. In honor of women’s youth soccer, the Red Bulls float featured four RDS girls and Anna Rose, a local Special Olympics goalkeeper whose dream was to be like her hero, Hope Solo.

On the float with the young players were Marguerite Ferrell, Senior Manager of Coach Recruitment and Education, and Molly Brady, Social Media Manager, to honor the work they’ve done to promote women’s soccer in the area.

On the morning of the parade, the RDS girls and Rose were able to meet their heroes, collecting photographs and autographs.

One RDS player, Briana, wore a tall, festive red, white and blue top hat. As she met USWNT player Sidney Leroux, the star forward expressed interest in the top hat and wore the now famous headwear throughout the day’s festivities. As for Rose, she was able to meet her favorite goalkeeper, Solo, a dream come true.

Following the reception, the RDS girls boarded the float and rode down the Canyon of Heroes in front of the masses that formed in Manhattan, screaming “USA!” until their voices disappeared. It was a special day for women and women’s soccer, enjoyed and never to be forgotten for all who participated.

The following weekend, the same RDS girls featured in the girls summer showcase teams in the Under-10 and Under-14 age groups. Both teams entered in the top brackets of the Central Jersey Invitational, and both teams emerged as champions. The young RDS ladies, who participated in the #SheBelieves campaign to promote confidence in achieving anything through hard work and devotion, certainly display these characteristics on and off the pitch.

For more information on the RDS and RDS girls programs, visit the RDS home page.

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