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RECAP: Red Bulls U15 (5) vs. Baltimore Armour (0)


The U15’s blanked U15 Baltimore Armour by a score of 5-0.

The win continues the terrific start to the USDA season, as the team moves to a 4-0-0 record.

New York started the game with tremendous pressure, forcing Armour into plenty of turnovers. Chances were coming right from the get-go, and the scoring began early in the contest, when Lucas Costa finished to the far post 11 minutes in.

The second goal came in the 23rd minute, when Dion Ahmetaj blasted a shot beyond the keeper’s reach.

The second half began, and Baltimore had lit a fire in their bellies, as they came out with lots of pace. This was not enough to break down the Red Bulls' defense, however, and once again the team was able to hold longer spells of possession.

A 3rd goal came late in the match, as Gavin Tabije got forward and finished his opportunity in the 75th minute.

An own-goal in the 79th minute from Baltimore made the score 4-0.

Second half substitute Adam Havens found his way onto the score sheet in stoppage time, as the game came to an end 5-0.

The 15’s look to continue this spell of success next weekend against U15 PA Classics at home.


Lineup: Derek Polanco, Carmelo Carbone, Gavin Tabije, Jakob Friedman (Ethan Harris 58’), Lucas Costa, Ethen Horrobin, Justin Aguirre (Max Kastl 57’), Joseph Zalinsky (Justin Vallencillo 48’), Thomas Tulgar (Adam Havens 58’), Dion Ahmetaj (Omre Etienne 40’), Edwin Melendez



Minute:                 Score:                      Goal:

11’                             1-0                             Lucas Costa

23’                             2-0                             Dion Ahmetaj

75’                             3-0                             Gavin Tabije

79’                             4-0                             OG BALTIMORE ARMOUR

80’                             5-0                             Adam Havens

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