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RDS Regional Teams Welcomed to Red Bull Arena ahead of 2017/18 Season


After months of planning and preparation, the New York Red Bulls RDS Regional Teams officially began their build up to the 2017/18 season as they welcomed the players and parents of this year’s teams into Red Bull Arena for their pre-season orientation event.

Each of the 70 new Regional Team players attended the event, along with their parents and guardians as they were guided through what they could expect for the upcoming season, as well as what would be expected of them.  Building on the success of the RDS 2005 Regional Team last season, the expanded program for 2017 would see six RDS teams rolled out across three geographical regions.

“Red Bull Arena is a fantastic resource for all our youth players, and we wanted to kick-off the season by making our players and their parents truly feel part of our family” said Simon Barrow, Sr Manager Player Development. “These families will be representing the Red Bulls in the community, and it’s important to us that they understand the values that underpin our everyday behavior – Passion, Trust, and Selflessness”.

After being taken through a presentation by RDS Manager Gareth Tyack, the players and parents then parted ways for the second portion of the evening.  While the parents socialized and got to know one another the players embarked on a tour of Red Bull Arena. Embarking on their first steps towards emulating RDS graduate, Tyler Adams, the players dreamed of one day stepping foot on the field as a Red Bulls first-team player.

After team and individual photographs were taken at field side, the players then made their way into the first team locker room where they found their kit bags waiting for them.  For the young players it was perhaps the most exciting part of the evening as they collected their new uniforms in the locker room that they all one-day hope to call home.

“We are delighted to welcome each of our new players and their parents into Red Bull Arena this evening, but more importantly we are delighted to welcome each of them into the Red Bull family” remarked Tyack, adding “We hope that tonight’s event lays the foundation for a successful season for our six new teams as we continue to build on the success of the launch of the Regional Teams with the 2005’s last season”.

With goals and expectations laid out and new teammates met for the first time, the new Regional Team players left the event fully prepared for their first opportunity to play together.  They would not have to wait long for this opportunity with the team’s pre-season training camp just a few days away.  A five-day residential camp set in the idyllic surrounds of Fort Ann, NY awaited the young hopefuls as they prepared for an exciting first season as RDS Regional Team Players.

Fall RDS:
High level players looking to earn consideration for RDS Regional Teams, or Red Bulls Academy, should register for the upcoming fall RDS try-outs. Available at fifteen locations across the tri-state area, the RDS offers supplementary, individual, technical training to advanced travel players aged 7 to 14. For more info, visit:

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