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RDS Girls Summer Showcase End of Season Review


The RDS Summer Showcase teams had their most successful season ever on the girls side, with some of the top talent featured from across the metro area.

The 2005 age group, as well as a combined 2006/07 team, both finished first in two tournaments, the Central Jersey Invitational and MAPS CAPS tournament. The team’s successes showed each players individual and collective commitment to the Red Bull philosophy, as the tactics were implemented by the younger players seamlessly. The older players on the girls team demonstrated leadership skills by encouraging their younger teammates and reinforcing tactics on the pitch.

The head coaches of both teams felt a sense of pride about each of their sides play, “Seeing the girls gel so quickly, and play attractive and attacking soccer after such a short time together really shows how bright the future is for the Red Bull's Girls RDS program” said Brittian Wagner, head coach of the 2005/2006 team. “We’re excited to build on this, and take the initiative to even higher levels next year.”

Kika Toulouse, head coach of the 2005’s added “We were especially proud of how the entire range of girls bonded together over the summer. We wanted to keep the rosters small so the girls could get a lot of playing time, which gave everyone an opportunity to play up at some point. The girls consistently rose to the challenge, and represented themselves, and the club admirably.”

The next opportunity to earn consideration for the RDS Showcase Teams is through fall RDS try outs. More info at:

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