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LeagueApps Announced as the Preferred Youth Soccer Club Registration Platform of New York Red Bulls Training Programs


The New York Red Bulls Youth Programs are excited to announce a new ground-breaking partnership with LeagueApps.  LeagueApps, a NYC-based sports software and technology company will be the preferred youth soccer club registration platform of the New York Red Bulls Training Programs.

LeagueApps is a leading software and technology solutions provider that facilitates key sports program management functionality for local and youth sports organizers around the world.  The platform streamlines the process for registration, website design, scheduling, communication and reporting, while pairing the technology with the best in customer service and account management.

Through their work with local sports organizers, LeagueApps has developed an expertise on best practices, strategic program development, technology, data and innovation.

“We are excited to partner with the world class New York Red Bulls, who are leading the way and setting the gold standard on how to impact every kid who is playing their sport in their community,” said Jeremy Goldberg, LeagueApps President.  “Through their direct programming, coaching curriculum, and through other partner club benefits, they are providing tremendous value to any child, parent, and organizer they interact with.”

“This partnership with LeagueApps will create another dimension on how we can offer value to our partner clubs,” said Dave Jervis, Senior Director of Training Programs for the Red Bulls Training Programs.  “They offer the best in terms of technology and service, but more than that, they are forward thinking, innovative and on the cutting edge of where sports is going.” 

As part of the partnership, Red Bulls’ partner clubs will receive an exclusive offer on the LeagueApps software platform, as well as other benefits around camp scholarships and VIP tickets to Red Bulls games.  There will also be the opportunity to create consistent Red Bulls branding for partners clubs across their websites. 


LeagueApps is a NYC-based sports software and technology company that powers how sports are organized around the world.  We believe that sport has the power to change lives, which is why we are driven to deliver amazing sports experiences for anyone anywhere.  LeagueApps equips these sports organizers with the technology, resources and connections needed to succeed by automating their work flow and enabling them to deliver better experiences for parents and participants.

About the New York Red Bulls Player Development System

The New York Red Bulls maintain one of the premier youth development programs in the United States, committed to identifying and developing talent in the tri-state area. The Red Bulls Player Development System is a multi-layered program that provides professional support at all levels of the game. Each level of the player development pyramid has been structured to provide the best development opportunities to players, coaches and youth soccer organizations. Within the local community, programs are offered for players of all ages and abilities. For players with outstanding ability, there is an opportunity to progress from the grassroots Training Programs to the Regional Development School, then on to the Academy Teams and, ultimately, to the Red Bulls professional team. Red Bulls Academy teams are consistently ranked among the top programs in the nation. Red Bulls players make regular appearances in U.S. Soccer Youth National Teams and NCAA Division I programs. For more information on the Red Bulls Academy visit

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