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Ironbound SC: Match Analysis Event


Ironbound SC: Match Analysis Event

On Friday, February 23rd 2018, New York Red Bulls youth partner club Ironbound Soccer Club attended a Match Analysis Education Event at Red Bull Arena. The analysis was built around a review of our Regional Development Schools (RDS) 2007 select team vs. Ironbound SC 2007 Raiders from the fall season.

The presentation was led by Aaron Anderson-Winchell, Red Bulls assigned Regional Coordinator for Ironbound Soccer Club, and Richard Scott, Coach Education Manager for New Jersey. The analysis was constructed around three key learning outcomes: How to apply key indicators to performance; the process for identifying key moments within the game; and how to integrate match analysis into the planning and preparation for training.

After the presentation from a Red Bulls perspective was completed, the Ironbound Soccer Club team coaches were then provided the opportunity to present their own key findings from both an attacking and defensive perspective.

John Soares, Director of Operations at Ironbound Soccer Club said: “The match analysis forum was a great way for Ironbound SC coaches to interact with the Red Bulls staff, and vice versa, and share and analyze their coaching points. It was beneficial for both sides, as in every educational environment everyone learns, and any new learned point can be applied later in both a practice session and the game. Ironbound Soccer Club coaches walked away, happy with the session and look forward to more in the future.”

Aaron Anderson-Winchell further commented: “The preparation of the coaches and their insightful observations of the match allowed us to have an engaging conversation that focused on the needs of the players based on their age and stage of development, whilst also highlighting some of the top talent at this age group in the area.

Through our discussions we were able to identify the key technical qualities of the players, as well as their tactical decision making within the game, in an attempt to understand how to structure training sessions that will continue to help the players develop.

We are happy to be able to provide this unique opportunity to the coaches of Ironbound Soccer Club as we continue to grow and enhance the educational resources that we are able to provide to our youth club partners.”

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