There are a number of ways that talented players can be identified to become part of the New York Red Bulls Academy, including:

  • Assessment in their own environments (e.g. club, school, state or regional teams)
  • Recommendations from personnel within the professional game
  • Recommendations from Regional Development School (RDS) coaches
  • Recommendations from New York Red Bulls Training Program staff who work with local clubs
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Our network of scouts and coaches will watch thousands of players each season. The New York Red Bulls have a reputation as a club renowned for its successful development of players and the recruitment of young talent is a priority for the Academy.

Please Note: Academy Coaches will only respond to those players that we have an interest in inviting in to try out. Beware of fraudsters posing as members of the Academy. Click here for more information.


Hay varias maneras en que jugadores talentosos pueden ser identificados y formar parte de la Academia de New York Red Bulls, incluyendo:

  • Evaluación en su propio ambiente (e.g. equipo de club, escuela, estado or región)
  • Recomendaciones de empleados dentro el juego profesional
  • Recomendaciones de entrenadores del Regional Development School (RDS, Escuela de Desarrollo Regional)
  • Recomendaciones de empleados del New York Red Bulls Training Program (el Programa de Entrenamiento de New York Red Bulls) que traban con clubes locales
  • Aplicación de Jugadores siga este enlace

Nuestra red de observadores y entrenadores mirarán miles de jugadores cada temporada. Los New York Red Bulls tienen una reputación de un club renombrado por su desarrollo exitoso de jugadores, y el reclutamiento de talento joven es una prioridad para la Academia.