The goal of the New York Red Bulls Academy is to develop youth players. These players will gain technical expertise, tactical awareness and professional discipline -- skills that will help them to advance and contribute to the New York Red Bulls professional team.

Player Identification:

  • Identify players within the tri-state area with the potential to excel in soccer
  • Recruit players who have the dedication and desire to reach the highest level of competition in the sport of soccer

Identification Methods:

  • Red Bulls Academy Scouting Network
  • Annual Academy Tryouts
  • New York Red Bulls Regional Development Schools
  • New York Red Bulls Training Programs

Player Development:
Develop talented and dedicated players by:

  • Providing top-class coaching and facilities
  • Providing professional support staff
  • Focusing on player development that stresses individual growth by establishing and reaching goals
  • Creating a competitive and fun learning environment that prioritizes development over winning
  • Instilling values and life skills that benefit players outside of soccer: teamwork, discipline,and commitment
  • Stressing importance of education in the overall development of person and player
  • Developing lifelong passion for the sport of soccer and the New York Red Bulls