MLS Homegrown Policy

Players in the New York Red Bulls Academy will be added to the MLS home grown talent identification list.

Players who are on the list will benefit from the opportunity to be signed directly by the New York Red Bulls First Team, as opposed to entering the MLS Draft where they could be selected by any MLS team. Set in place by the MLS in 2006, the rule is designed to provide increased opportunities for local players. In order to be eligible, players must abide by the following guidelines

  • All players must reside in a team's "Home Territory" for at least one year prior to being added to the team's Home grown Player List.
  • Players must be added to an MLS team's Home grown Player List prior to entering a four-year college, but can maintain their Home grown Player status during college if registered before entering that institution.
  • Members of the U17, U20, and U23 U.S. National Teams cannot be added to an MLS team's Home grown Player List, but a player already on a Home grown Player List can maintain that status if selected for a US National team at a later date.

The Red Bulls can sign up to two players each year from its homegrown talent list to either senior or developmental contracts.