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What is the New York Red Bulls Academy?

The New York Red Bulls Academy is designed to identify and develop the most talented players in the tri-state area. The Academy’s goal is to help every player reach his full potential (level 4).

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How are the New York Red Bulls Academy Teams different from other local programs?

The New York Red Bulls Academy is a cost-free program that aspires to help develop the best talent in the Tri-State Area. Our Academy is directly affiliated with the MLS team. Expectations for our academy players are very high, and they are treated like young professionals. Throughout the year, select players will also be invited to train with the professional team. Academy teams have the opportunity to watch the New York Red Bulls First Team’s training and coaching sessions. The Academy’s top players in each age group will be identified as MLS homegrown players. A homegrown player who is talented enough to play with the Red Bulls First Team will have the ability to sign a contract without entering the MLS Draft.

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What is the cost of the Academy?

The Academy is a no-cost program. Each player is fully funded by the New York Red Bulls. This includes:

  • All coaching fees
  • Travel (air fares, buses, etc.)
  • Accommodations
  • Food
  • International Trips

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What age groups does the Academy have?

  • U13
  • U14
  • U15
  • U16
  • U18
  • U23

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How are players selected for the Academy?

There are a number of ways that talented players can become part of the Academy.

  • Assessment in their own environments (e.g. club, school, state or regional teams) Recommendation from personnel within the professional game
  • Recommendations from Regional Development School (RDS) coaches
  • Recommendations from Red Bulls Training Program staff

Our network of scouts and coaches will watch thousands of players each season. The New York Red Bulls have, and are committed to upholding a reputation as a club renowned for successfully developing young players; the recruitment of young talent is a priority for the Academy.

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What competitions do the team plays in?

The U14s play in the US Club Soccer Pre Academy league. The U16s and U18s play in the US Soccer Development Academy league. The U20s play in the USL Super 20 summer league.

Domestic and international trips vary each year. In April 2009, the U14s/U15s traveled to Barcelona, Spain, for an international tournament.

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Can players play for other youth soccer clubs and/or high school teams?

Academy members will not be able to play for any additional soccer clubs. However, players will be allowed to participate for in high school programs.

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