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3rd Annual Red Generation Cup



The Red Generation Cup wrapped up its third-annual edition of the popular youth soccer event at New York Red Bulls Training Facility.  More than 300 young players, in the 2009 and 2010 age groups, represented 34 teams across the tri-state area. Boys and girls teams were grouped across regions in a “World Cup” format, so players could meet and compete against new teams and players.  

“We are a very new team and this was the perfect opportunity for my boys to get the feel of playing in a tournament with an emphasis on playing for the love of the game,” said Christine Harnos, Coach of the Harborfields SC boys team from Long Island.  “I also loved that not only my boys, but other boys were so interested in where other teams came from — that was like a small scale World Cup in itself.”


The event celebrates the close of the spring youth soccer season and is a popular kick off for summer.  Through this unique festival style event, individual players are given the opportunity to express themselves in a fun and challenging environment while enjoying the game in its purest form.  A core principle of the Red Bulls Approach to Player Development is to help inspire passion in the next generation of young players.  The winning goal is the children leaving the event with memories that will last a lifetime. 


The players will be invited to Red Bull Arena for an upcoming game to be recognized as participants in the 2018 Red Generation Cup.

The following teams participated in this year's event:

Bayonne YSA - Lightning
Cedar Grove SC - Panthers
NJ Crush - Splash
Old Bridge Girls SL - Strikers
Florham Park - Flames
Lawrence Hamnett SA - Predators
Madison SC - Magic
Alba FC - Tigers
Hoboken City FC - B10 White
Lawrence Hamnett SA - Thunder 2
LI Rough Riders - Viking Army
Madison SC - Eagles
WSSL - Red Bulls B8
Chatham United SC - Bruins
Chernomorets SC - Black Sea United
Harrison YSC - Timbers
Hillsborough SC - Raiders
Hoboken City FC - B10 Red
Lawrence Hamnett SA - Thunder 1
Harborfields SC - Whalers
Hoboken City FC - B09 Red
Jersey City SA - Destroyers
Peekskill YSC - Santos
PLRSA - Red Menace
Alba FC - Zebras
Bayonne YSA - Real
Elizabeth YSC - Turbos
Washingtonville SC - Bulldogs
Woodbridge Twp YSC - Ninjas
Glen Rock Shooting Stars - Silver
Harrison YSC - Sounders
Jersey City SA - Force
SDFC - Magic Mundial
Tewksbury SC - Sabers


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