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14 RDS Teams win age groups at 2017 RDS Winter Showcase

2007 RDS Girls - 2017 Winter Showcase

The 2017 RDS Winter Showcase concluded in February with 14 of the Red Bulls’ 19 RDS teams winning their respective tournaments. The remaining five teams finished as runners up.

The tournament was comprised of Girls teams between 2001 and 2007 birth years, and Boys teams from 2003 to 2008 birth years.

The tournament, held at Soccer Coliseum in Teaneck, N.J., is used as a means of identifying candidates for the Summer Showcase teams, which are a more comprehensive select experience.

All players who participated in the Winter Showcase were identified through participation in the RDS, and recommended by RDS coaches. As supplementary showcase teams, they play in just one tournament each and then disband, so as not to conflict with existing team commitments.

The small-sided tournaments promote the importance of rotating playing positions, and ensuring players learn demands of the game in every position. Small squads ensure balanced playing time, and all players being in the thick of the action at all times.

The next opportunity to earn eligibility for showcase team selection is the eight-week Spring RDS, or weeklong Summer Camps, now open for registration.

For an overview of the showcase process, visit the RDS Showcase Tournament Teams page on

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