Red Bulls Soccer Training and Camp Testimonials

Since 2005, the RDS has graduated over 100 players to the Red Bulls full Academy teams, and many exceptional talents have gone on to the US youth national teams. Demonstrating a proven pathway to success, the program continues to raise the bar for youth soccer in the area.
Although not all participants will reach the very highest levels of the game, the RDS does guarantee that all players experience a positive training environment that is sure to help them realize their potential. Whether a player aims to reach varsity, collegiate, or even the professional game, the RDS is committed to giving them the best possible start.
All participants are encouraged to share their experiences with us, as part of an ongoing effort to continuously improve our program. Below are some examples of the feedback parents have shared with us over the years:
“Thank you and your staff for accepting Jordan this year. Although being young we have all noticed a great leap in his confidence, skills and especially his thought process. We hope that he can have the opportunity to work with your group again in the future. Thanks.”
(Manalapan, NJ, spring 2009)
“I have to tell you I continue to be amazed by your coaching staff...this is Carson's second time at RDS and in both evaluations I believe your staff has "hit the nail on the head" with his strength and weaknesses... We love the Redbulls, your training and RDS....”
(Ramapo, NY, spring 2009)
“I just want to say that you run an awesome training camp. Not just because Nico has excelled in soccer, but also as a young man. I feel that a program like RDS is essential in these kids’ lives,
and I love bringing him to the training as he enjoys it immensely.  I also have a seven year old that will come to the RDS program soon because the training is worth every cent.”
(Ramapo, NY, spring 2009)
“It’s been an honor and pleasure being part of the RDS system.  I have and will continue to recommend the program to parents and players who are looking for superb training in a serious, yet enjoyable atmosphere. Hunter has enjoyed the program, and his skills and understanding of the game have developed significantly under the RDS. Every year his game shows more confidence and maturity due to this training.”
(Manalapan, NJ, fall 2008)
“Many thanks for all your and your trainers' efforts on behalf of all the boys.  I have been truly impressed with your training program and with every one of your trainers as models for the boys, and have found myself promoting the RDS to other players and their families. Since his first day of training Kaz has really enjoyed and benefited from the RDS, and is now very excited about this opportunity with the Academy team.”
(Tarrytown, NY, winter 2008)
“Nicholas had a great time playing with these boys & was talking about it the entire ride home (90 + minutes). He didn’t turn his PSP on once! From a parent perspective, you hope that your child has fun while competing and being challenged.”
(Wall, NJ, winter 2008)
“Thank you very much for the entire Red Bulls experience.  Scotty enjoyed it very much. As I was telling you before the game yesterday, he got more out of your summer training sessions than he has gotten out of everything else he has ever done combined, multiplied by two.”
(Manalapan, NJ, fall 2008)
“Thank you. No, really, THANK YOU!  The analysis is very direct and intense in nature. A true evaluation! I enjoy what I'm getting from the program, but best of all, he is absolutely loving it.”
(Staten Island, NY, spring 2008)
“By the way, Valerie is enjoying the program tremendously!  I have seen improvements in her play since she started with the program. More importantly, her experience with RDS has given her much more confidence on the field.  So... many, many thanks to you and your coaches!”
(Lawrenceville, NJ, spring 2008)
“Nigel successfully completed the Junior National Youth Leadership Conference (JrNYLC) in August and your input was instrumental. Once again I really appreciate you taking the time to ensure that the RDS participants are supported both on and off the pitch, particularly when it comes to their education. It is these things that truly are a credit to the Red Bulls organization.”
(Wall, NJ, winter 2008)
“Lauren’s participation in the Red Bull’s tournament this past March was a thrilling experience for her and she describes it as “the best time she’s ever had playing soccer” (her words.)  She felt honored to be playing with such a talented group of girls and she marveled at how well they played together as a team - even though they had, in fact, never actually played together before.”
(Tarrytown, NY, winter 2007)
“Also wanted to let you know that as a person who has been playing soccer at all levels and seen many training camps, this camp is incredible.  I think the staff is great and the professionalism from all of you is incredible.  I look forward to having my son continue his growth through the program (I hope he makes it again next try out).”
(Lawrenceville, NJ, fall 2008)
“The support and positive atmosphere you create at the training sessions, as well as all the drills and moves you taught him are amazing. And you guys are great at finding his weakness and working on it! I truly believe Ant's love for the game grew even more because of hanging out with you guys on Tuesdays!”
(Ramapo, NY, spring 2009)
“Just a quick note to say how much we loved every aspect of the Futbolinho RDS in Hoboken, the warm-up exercises, the technical training and the small group drills.  The coaching was outstanding across the board - focused, constructive, demanding, individualized, and remarkably enthusiastic.”
(Hoboken, NJ, spring 2008)
“I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you that this was our first experience with Red Bulls and I was EXTREMELY impressed with the program. I was especially impressed with the individual attention and the skills taught to my daughter. Additionally, you create an atmosphere where the kids have fun, work hard, and learn a lot about the game of soccer. Thank you for a WONDERFUL experience.”
(Toms River, NJ, spring 2008)
“Peter really appreciated the training & trainers in the fall @ Lawrenceville. I can't tell you how many times he mentioned that he "was getting more from one night of work with the RDS, then 3 afternoons of practice with my middle school team". It showed in his individual & team play as the season came to an end.”
(Lawrenceville, NJ, spring 2008)
“You and your team have done a wonderful job in teaching the boys technique as well as strategy. We know it's not always easy working with younger children, but we have appreciated your support and enthusiasm in helping the boys appreciate the game and how fun it can be! Right now, the boys are playing or practicing soccer four days a week, but they look forward to 'Red Bulls Wednesday' every week. Thanks again for being a great instructor and inspiration to the boys.”
(Manalapan, NJ, spring 2008)
“I have to tell you that his experience at RDS was great.  Not only did he learn a lot but probably more importantly he participated in a professionally run practice with boys who are very interested in soccer.   The training that he received elevated not only his play but his expectation level of how soccer should be played and taught.”
(Rahway, NJ, winter 2007)
“Matt thoroughly enjoyed playing in the RDS and I also enjoyed watching your practice sessions. Needless to say I'm stealing some of your training ideas for my own squad. Great stuff!
Thanks again for the opportunity and a great experience.”
(New Milford, CT, winter 2007)
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