Red Bulls Soccer Training Skills Videos

Technical Video Clips

The following page provides video clips of the various technical moves that are taught within the Red Bulls programs.

The foundation of the New York Red Bulls building blocks of player development is built on technique and skill development. Mastery of the ball is vital for a player’s future development.

In order to inspire a player to develop a passion and love for the game, it is important that younger players watch and study the game. Below are video clips for each technique that is taught within the technical building block. The players in each video are from our Regional Development School.

To view video clips simply click on the technique name.

Dribbling Moves

1 Roll
2 Roll Step
3 Feint
4 Double Feint
5 Inside Outside - Part 1
6 Inside Outside - Part 2
7 Scissors
8 Double Scissors
9 Inside Scissors
10 Step Over 
11 Push and Run
12 Swivel Hips - Part 1
13 Swivel Hips - Part 2


1   Driven
2 Driven Across the Goalkeeper
3 Low Inside Curl
4 High Inside Curl
5 Outside Curl
6 Chip
7 Side Volley
8 Half Volley


1 Outside Cut
2 Inside Cut
3 Stop Turn
4 U Turn
5 Drag Push
6 Cryuff
7 Step Over
8 Slap Cut

Combination Turns

1 Inside Cut - Outside Cut
2 Stop Turn - Step Over
3 L Turn - Drag Push

Receiving on the Ground

1 Inside of the Foot
2 Inside Spin
3 Outside of the Foot
4 Outside Spin
5 Moving Cruyff


1 Inside Push
2 Inside Curl
3 Outside Push
4 Outside Curl

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