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Red Generation Cup

Red Generation Cup to be held at the New York Red Bulls Training Facility

What is it?
The New York Red Bulls have unveiled a new skills based 4 v 4 festival for Under-8 boys and girls youth teams, the Red Generation Cup. The festival is free to enter for partner clubs and each of the eight boys and girls teams that play at the event will receive an invitation to be recognized at a Red Bulls home game.

What clubs/teams are eligible?

Only Red Bull Training Programs partner clubs are eligible. If you would like to enquire about becoming a partner club, please e-mail training@newyorkredbulls.com   

How do RBNY Training Programs teams apply?

  1. Take a team photograph/video at a team practice, game, tournament, New York Red Bulls game etc. (a team soccer event)
  2. Post to social media (Twitter, Instagram etc.) with the text ‘Club/Team Name would like to play at #RedGen2017 #RBNY’. Please make sure #RedGen2017 is exact, as this is how we will track team applications.
  3. All posts/applications must be received by May 31st 2017.

The most creative social media posts/applications will gain entry to Red Generation Cup, a total of 8 boys teams and 8 girls teams will be selected. Red Generation Cup will be held at the Red Bulls Training Facility in East Hanover, NJ on Sunday June 25, 2017. A New York Red Bulls representative will reach out to all applied teams on June 1st 2017, and invite the selected teams in person at a team practice or game within the following 14 days.


1. How many players from a team can participate in Red Generation Cup?

Teams can register up to 12 players (a minimum of 6 players must attend Red Generation Cup).

2. Do all of the players need to be from the same team?

No, they just need to be from the same club.

3. How many teams per club can play at Red Generation Cup?

Any number of teams may apply, however only 1 team per gender from any one club can participate at Red Generation Cup.

4. What is the format of the Red Generation Cup?

It will run festival style 4 v 4 format on small sided fields, exact rules and game schedules will be sent to the accepted teams. The event is focused on the importance of developing technical creative and confident players as opposed to winning at all costs. The Red Bulls approach is to help inspire passion in the next generation of young players, through this unique festival concept we hope to give individual players the opportunity express themselves in a fun and challenging environment.

More Information
E-mail: training@newyorkredbulls.com
Call: 1-888-370-7287
Website: redbullsacademy.com