RDS Tournament Teams

Each year, a select number of players from within the Regional Development School (RDS) are chosen to represent the Red Bulls in one-off, showcase tournament teams. These supplementary teams come together for one training session, one day of tournaments, and then disband immediately, so as not to cause a conflict with a player’s other team commitments.

The RDS typically forms girls and boys teams, in all age groups from U9 - U14, and participate in carefully selected indoor tournaments throughout the tri-state area, during the winter months. RDS showcase teams are typically small sided, as this conforms to the 4 v 4 / 6 v 6 technical coaching philosophy adopted within the program.

Players who excel at their own individual Development School are invited to try-out for these teams at a central location. Those select few who are chosen for the final roster are given the opportunity to become the youngest representatives of the Red Bulls in competition, and enjoy an experience that they will treasure forever. Costs of the tournament teams are minimal, and cover the cost of a full adidas uniform, training session, and tournament entry fees.

Candidates invited to try out for the showcase tournament teams are usually notified during October. Each annual selection consists of the top players who have participated in the RDS during the previous fall, winter, spring and summer seasons.

In order to earn eligibility for these teams, a player must have participated in at least one full season of the RDS, at some point in the previous calendar year. Participation in multiple seasons of the RDS inevitably enhances a player’s chances at earning a try out for these teams, as it gives them additional exposure to the program, as well as extra opportunities to demonstrate their suitability.

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