RDS Girls Regional Teams

For the 2018/19 season the Regional Development Schools will expand their Regional Teams as they launch new girls teams in the 2007 age group.

The launch of these new year round teams will provide the platform from which the Red Bulls will organically grow a comprehensive player development platform to rival the very best in the country.

Featuring some of the most talented players in the 2007 age group and expert coaching from Red Bulls RDS youth coaches, the teams will provide a training and game environment unlike any other.

A competitive annual training fee includes the following:

  • 3 training sessions per week (2 local, 1 centralized)
  • Four high-level tournaments each year
  • 6 weeks of indoor winter training
  • Pre-season orientation at Red Bull Arena
  • Optional year-round supplementary Futbolinho training
  • Unrivaled player development tools such as pre-season goal setting, T4 athletic testing, video analysis, individual development plans, mid-season updates, and annual review meetings
  • Unique MLS game day experiences such as ball kid opportunities and signing days
  • Pre-season residential camp at Golden Goal Tournament Park

Please use the below links to register for your chosen tryout location.


For more information on the RDS Girls Regional Teams, please review the detailed FAQ below.

RDS Girls Regional Teams FAQ