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Golden Goal FAQ

RDS Golden Goal Residential Camp (boys only) Questions

Questions & Answers

What is the check-in procedure?

  • Check-in time is staggered between 1.00pm and 3.00pm on Sunday.
  • We suggest players born in 2004 and later check in between 1:00pm and 2:00pm, and players born in 2003 and earlier check in between 2:00pm and 3:00pm.
  • Check in times are staggered so we can manage the flow of arrivals, maintain as much space as possible in the parking lot, and keep the campus as clear as possible. This will also reduce lines at check in.
  • If you cannot get to your suggested check-in time, you are free to arrive any time between 1:00pm and 3:00pm.
  • Check-in is at the front of the Athlete’s Village. There is plenty of parking at the rear of the playing fields, and you can follow the road up to the dorms to avoid carrying bags.
  • Players should eat lunch prior to arrival, as the first meal will be at approximately 5.00 p.m.
  • Please do not arrive prior to 1.00 p.m. as all our staff will be busy making final site preparations and no one will be available to assist you.
  • Once you have dropped off your children, you are free to depart, as soccer activities will be commencing immediately.
  • If you are unable to check in within the 1:00pm to 3:00pm window please call the numbers provided in the FAQ, 20 minutes prior to your arrival at the facility, to advise of your arrival time. We will have staff on hand to assist up until 8:00pm.

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How do I choose a roommate?

  • Golden Goal dormitories sleep up to 20 players. We will be placing players in dorms with their on-field training groups, meaning that players will not be permitted to dorm with players of significantly different ages (this only really affects brothers who attend camp together, and are years apart in age).
  • By default, most players will naturally be placed in a training group (and therefore a dorm) with their team mates, or friends. However, if a player is split from his team mates after our first training session, we will give all players an option to change their group, so they can remain in a dorm with their peers.
  • Whilst we do all we can to make this happen, please bear in mind that our priority is to keep the training groups as competitive as possible. This is a highly competitive, pre-academy level camp, designed to prepare young players for the expectations of playing for Red Bull Academy.
  • With this in mind, the dorm in which we place your child initially, will be PROVISIONAL, and there will be no need for players to un-pack their bags, or make their beds upon arrival.
  • After the Sunday evening training session, when the final groups have been established, players will move to their PERMANENT dorm, along with their coach, and the rest of their training group.
  • At this stage, coaching staff will help players move their bags, help them to make their beds, and provide any other assistance required.

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What playing facilities are available at Golden Goal?

  • Golden Goal has 8 fields; four are grass and four are turf. Some fields are lighted, and some are not.
  • Due to the wealth of training facilities we have available, players should come prepared to play in all weather, on any surface, at any given time of day.
  • This allows us to keep our schedule flexible, and maximize playing opportunities throughout the week.

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What should players bring to camp?

  • Soccer equipment: turf cleats, grass cleats, sneakers, shin-guards, plenty of t-shirts, shorts, rain jackets.
  • Players should generally be able to make one set of soccer clothing last per day. However, please be prepared for up to one full change per day, in case of rain.
  • Players will be provided with four training tee shirts – one for each day of camp. They will also be provided with one pair of white shorts and socks, but players should bring multiple more white shorts and socks, to enable us to maintain a consistent training image throughout the week.
  • Players that have participated in the RDS Showcase tournament teams should bring their full RDS showcase uniform (white shirt / shorts / socks).
  • All players should bring an old set of clothing (shorts and tee shirt), and old sneakers, that can be muddied to the extent that they can be discarded.
  • Goalkeepers should bring gloves and goalkeeper shirts.
  • Casual clothing for the evening. Multiple sweatshirts and sweatpants are advisable. We will have evening camp fires supervised by facility staff, and players should be prepared for outside evening activities.
  • Toiletries and plenty of towels.
  • Sunscreen and bug spray.
  • Bathing suit. Although Golden Goal does not have a swimming pool, the showers are in a communal block, and we find that players may prefer to shower with a bathing suit on.
  • Flip flops / sandals are advisable for movement from the dorms to the shower block. Although this is only a few steps away, it makes movement more comfortable.
  • Full bedding, including pillows, bed sheets, and a comforter. The beds are single (twin) sized.
  • A water bottle is provided to all players, although we recommend bringing a spare one, just in case this is lost throughout the week.

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What are the supervision arrangements in the dorms?

  • Each dorm will consist of one full training group (approximately 12 to 15 players), in bunk beds.
  • Each dorm is split in two sections – a player section, and a staff section. The player’s coach, and up to one extra member of staff will reside in the staff side of the dorm, meaning that a supervising adult is always next door.
  • In addition to our staff, each location has their own on campus security, and medical staff, available 24 hours a day.

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How can my child contact me/ I contact my child throughout the week?

  • If your child has a cell phone they may use it only in their dooms.
  • Additional numbers are provided at the conclusion of this document.
  • Visiting hours are also outlined further on in the FAQ.
  • Please note that our experience tells us that players adjust to life away from home more quickly and easily, if they are left to be independent, and absorb themselves in soccer.

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Are there any medical facilities on site?

  • All members of New York Red Bulls staff have a working knowledge of first aid and how to treat basic sporting injuries.
  • A qualified Athletic Trainer is also present during the week to provide on field treatment for more serious injuries.
  • Golden Goal also has a medical unit, with several staff on hand to supervise players if they need to take a break from the field for any reason.

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Do the dorms have air conditioning?

  • No. However, no fan is necessary for the rooms.
  • The temperature is significantly cooler in upstate NY, and the dorms do not get warm in the evening.
  • If anything, the rooms are on the cooler side at this time of year, so warmer sleeping garments, and a thick comforter, are recommended.

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What non-soccer activities are available throughout the week?

  • This isolated location has limited non-soccer activities. However, the wealth of training opportunities at our disposal, combined with the lower temperatures, makes this location ideal for increased time spent on the soccer fields.
  • Time is allocated each day for players to spend time socializing with other campers, and to spend time engaged in other activities.
  • Team activities will be prepared throughout the week, featuring activities such as quiz nights, Red Bull viewing parties, and other team competitions and team building activities.
  • Golden Goal also features a challenge course; an obstacle course through wooded areas, featuring many muddy areas. This is the purpose of the old set of clothing and sneakers in your packing list.

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What if my child has dietary requirements?

  • There are vegetarian options available at all meals.
  • We assume that all players are aware of their dietary concerns and know what they can or cannot eat.
  • While at camp, the kitchen staff is used to dealing with school groups, so if your child has any questions they may ask them.
  • Our staff is seated with the campers for all meals so they can monitor the players’ eating habits.

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Can I provide my child with food for their dorms?

  • No. The facility strictly enforces a no food / drink policy in the dorms.
  • This is to prevent accidental spillages, which can result in the attraction of wildlife.
  • Players will have access to the snack shop in the evenings, but must eat all additional food in the common areas provided, where left overs are cleaned up, and removed on their behalf.
  • Due to the isolated location, meals at this location are healthy, but relatively basic. We find that players like the home comforts of pizza, and chicken nuggets, which are provided by the snack shop, so it is worth providing your child with around $25 to $30 in small bills for the week.
  • We will monitor player’s use of the tuck shop, to prevent it’s abuse. However, please educate your child in advance of the importance of eating healthily.

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What do I do with my child’s medications?

  • All medical information, including medications to be taken at camp, has been listed upon registering on-line.
  • If there have been any changes since this point, please notify us at check in.
  • All medications may be left with the coordinator at check in, who will personally supervise and administer medications.
  • If your child normally self-administers, they are able to continue to do so throughout camp.

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Are there any additional forms we need to bring with us?

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Are the parents allowed to come and watch during the week?

  • The only time parents may attend to watch sessions, is the morning training session, from 9:00am - 11:30am. No visits are allowed outside these hours.
  • We no longer allow parents to attend the evening sessions, as if we have a young player who is homesick, seeing their parents in the evening (closer to bed-time) exacerbates the problem further.
  • The more you allow your child to immerse themselves in the soccer environment, the more they will enjoy the experience.
  • Although we encourage our players to call home periodically, calling them several times a day is entirely counter-productive. Quite often, a text message is better. Please bear this in mind when communicating with your child.
  • For child protection reasons, when visiting, parents are not allowed to enter the dormitories. If you are bringing extra clothing / equipment for players, please meet them at the entrance to the Athlete’s Village.

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How much money should my child bring for the week?

  • Approximately $25-$30 (in small bills) for the week should be plenty.
  • Players must keep money in their rooms but are responsible for it themselves. We strongly advise not bringing more money than is necessary.
  • Please do not bring other valuable items to camp as New York Red Bulls are not responsible for the loss of any personal belongings. iPhones / iPads / other portable electronic devices are brought entirely at your own risk.

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What time do we pick our child up on the Thursday?

  • The final day consists of a full day tournament. Parents may not attend the morning session, but are encouraged to attend the afternoon session, from 2:00pm to 3:30pm.
  • The camp graduation ceremony takes place at around 3:30pm and lasts no longer than half an hour. Attendance at this ceremony is mandatory.
  • Check out will begin at 4:00pm, upon the completion of the graduation ceremony and tournament, with all families expected to depart no later than 4:30pm.

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Who do I contact during the week of camp in case of emergencies?

  • Primary on site contact: Gareth Tyack, 215-303-9894
  • Secondary (off site) contact: Simon Barrow, 201-575-1625
  • E-mail: simon.barrow@newyorkredbulls.com


  • Please note that these numbers are provided for your convenience IN AN EMERGENCY ONLY.
  • Most issues on camp are minor, and can be addressed quickly and efficiently if the players seek assistance directly from their coaches.
  • As such, it is important that you make every effort to educate your child on the need to speak with our staff directly if they require assistance.
  • If our camp coordinators are constantly on the phone to parents handling trivial issues, it takes them away from their primary duties, which is to organize the camp, keep it on schedule, and ensure all our campers have a fantastic experience.

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