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Futbolinho is Red Bulls’ version of futsal, and comprises a fast-paced, small-sided, curriculum that focuses on individual skills such dribbling, moves, and turns.

Typically held on Sunday evenings, at a variety of indoor locations throughout the area, Futbolinho is an ideal supplement to a player’s regular team and RDS training.

Futbolinho is played using low rebound, size 2 soccer balls, exclusively manufactured for the RDS. These specialized balls ensure that each player spends maximum contact time on the ball, therefore improving their confidence and composure whilst in possession.

The hard wood floor, enclosed walls, and continuous playing time all lead to a fast-paced game that improves a player’s reactions, agility, speed, and confidence in one versus one situations. The unrivaled ball contact time, and ultra-small-sided games also mean that players are constantly in the action.

Futbolinho offers a unique indoor training experience for high level players looking for a new challenge. Acceptance on the program is strictly subject to try out, with applications encouraged from competitive and elite travel players, boys and girls, ages 8 to 14.

Each player participating in the program is provided their own Futbolinho ball, and is encouraged to use RDS homework scorecards, and the Red Bulls YouTube training tools to develop their skills in their own time. Encouraging creativity is an essential part of the Futbolinho curriculum, and this concept is extended to the custom made balls. Each player must customize their personal Futbolinho balls, and each week, the most creative design is posted to Red Bull New York's Twitter account. Recent winners can be found under #RDSFutbolinho.

As part of the RDS, any outstanding talents will earn recommendations for the full Showcase Tournament Teams, with the top prospects going on to the Red Bulls Academy.

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