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What is the Red Bulls approach to youth player development?


Being part of the New York Red Bulls organization, we expect you to design and create your sessions based off our universal coaching philosophy and methodology.

This section will give a more in depth look at sessions, development plans, evaluations, player accidents and the most important part, our philosophy, methods and building blocks.


The New York Red Bulls Training Programs follow a researched and proven approach to player development. The following information introduces our philosophy, player development rationale and the methods that are used to deliver our curriculum.

Coaching methodology
(How we teach)

The New York Red Bulls Training Programs youth coaching staff focuses on three methods to deliver the building blocks of youth player development.

1.  Inspire

  • Players need to develop a motivation, desire and passion to work hard during training sessions as well as during their own time away from structures sessions.
  • Every player, coach interaction serves as an opportunity to develop a passion and love for the game

2.  Expertise

  • In order for a player’s ability to improve, they require accurate and concise information, combined with specific and immediate individual feedback.
  • An adaptive coaching style is used to ensure that every player is developed during the training session; the objective is to create players who are skillful, proficient and independent thinkers.

3.  Repetition

  • Repetition and deliberate practice is the key to learning. To master new skills players need to receive a high frequency of realistic situations that offer maximum contact with the ball.
  • Players must be challenged to work at a high intensity that replicates a game environment.

Player Development Rationale



Create a FUN and CHALLENGING environment where players have the opportunity to LEARN.

The New York Red Bulls operate a building block approach to player development. At a young age mastery of the ball is vital for a child’s future development. Players follow a path focused on technique and skill development, as competency increases, tactical elements are introduced.
Within each building block, an extensive curriculum is offered. The following link illustrates the New York Red Bulls “Building Blocks of Player Development.”

Continue to reference the information on this page. As we expect all our coaches to know and believe in the Red Bulls approach to player development. We want to ensure our staff all speaks the same language.


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How much will I get paid?

Follow the link below to view the 2016 Coach Compensation Package:

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What is the online portal?

Online Portal

One of the best features for our organization is the online portal system. The portal is the fulcrum of all our operations. This section will give you an overview of all the portal features.

Portal Features       


This function will bring you to your home screen. Here you are able to select between the different training organizations you work with.

“Assessment Report”

As part of our ongoing learning and assessment process, you will be assessed at least once, maybe twice during your employment. Once these have been written up, you will be able to access your feedback here.

“Camp Information Forms”

During the summer months when you’re coaching camps, you will find all your week of camp information here.

“Change Username”

Very self-explanatory.

“Change Password”

It does exactly what it says on the tin. No swear words please, the portal will take offense.

“Club Information Forms”

This is where the sales staff give you all the relevant information about the club. This should give you more of an idea about what the club is looking for from your training. Remember to ask if you’re unsure of something in this section.


This section will show you the Red Bull Training Programs curriculum. It’s broken down in an easy to use format and will give you lots of ideas for activities to use with your players.


Take your time going through the documents we have uploaded. It should provide a valuable resource to help educate your parent coaches and you.

“End of Season Evaluations”

Much like your seasonal development plans, this section allows you to log and evaluate your sessions. Did they achieve the learning outcomes you set out?

“End of Season Player Evaluations”

The same as the team end of season evaluation, here you can make specific comments about each player.

“Event Information”

Should you be doing a promotional event for us, the information for the event will be uploaded here. It's best to get you prepared. Remember that this is paid at a promotional rate of $10.

“Game Analysis Reports”

Watched a game or two over the weekend? Once you have written it up, make sure it is online so the team coach is able to see it. If you claim for paid hours, you must have the report uploaded first. This is checked when payroll runs.


Here you will find internet links to the clubs you work with. There are also links to various governing bodies, coaching websites and Red Bulls teams.

“My Profile”

This is where you get the chance to live up to some of Red Bull’s core values. When writing this, try to be humble, self-confident, and genuine. This will go out to the club you work with so ensure it's top quality.

Please upload a professional coaching photo. This should be one with a polo and or coaching top on. Remember your clubs will be reviewing your profile. First impressions are important. You will have a head-shot taken when you arrive, so you will be able to change your profile picture to you in a Red Bulls top.

You should be looking to update your profile constantly so that all the information about you is up to date and correct.

“My Documents”

This is where you upload all the important documentation required before you actually start working for us.

When scanning items to upload, ensure they are either a PDF or JPG file
When saving a file, ensure it is saved in the format of (name of doc/date) JohnSmithVISA 5/4/2012

“My Terms”

This is where you sign off and agree to our terms and conditions for cars, housing, contract, and health forms. Without signing, there’s no work for you.

“Organization Contacts”

Here you will find the contact information for the top dogs, including presidents, program managers, and treasurers.

“Parent Coach Contacts”

Not sure if a session is on or off, want to ask a coach how the players performed at the weekend? In here you will find all the important contact numbers for people in the clubs you work with. If for some reason a coach is not listed, let the Manager of Education and Training know.

“Parent Coach Invites”

This section will allow you to invite any other parent coaches that you work with, on to the portal. Additionally, you can ask them to fill out a team evaluation form so that you have a good understanding of the players before you actually meet them.

“Player Accident Report Forms”

If an accident happens during one of your sessions, make sure you upload a report of it here. Anything that involves treatment should be recorded. It may have been a complete accident, but it must be reported.

“Season Development Plans”

Professional coaches come with seasonal development plans. Therefore, what you’re working on from session to session should be written up here at the start of the season. Season not going how you thought it would? OK then, go back into the section to edit if you need to.

“Team Evaluation Form”

Before you start training with each team, the coaches are asked to fill out an evaluation form. This is where they can tell you what the team does well, not so well, and what direction they feel the team needs to go in.


This function allows you to manage your time-sheets for each club. Here you can create time-sheets as well as look at ones that have been rejected, submitted, and approved. See “Payroll” for how to submit time-sheet(s).

“Time Off Form”

For emergencies only, if you need to take time off, you must fill out a Time off Request Form.  Click “Enter New Request for Time off”, and put your TP Rep, Start Date and End Date, and any other information needed.  This will then be reviewed by the TP Rep for approval or rejection.

“Trainer Contacts”

Need to call someone else? Hit this and all other coaches’ contacts will magically appear before your eyes. Remember to keep your contact info updated otherwise other coaches won’t be able to contact you. You may miss out on something fun!

“Training Schedule”

This section tells you what you’re doing from one day to the next. Keep this 100% accurate and up to date.

“Log Out”

Until next time.

When you’re done with your online session? Click here to log out and ensure no one else can access your portal account.

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Do I need a background check?


Background Checks

All applicants that are offered a conditional contract as a seasonal coach with Red Bull New York must successfully complete a background check. The background check procedure is different for local and foreign coaches. The details of each check are outlined below:

Local Based Coaches

Obtaining a background check is the responsibility of Red Bull New York.  This process is completed through a third party company called Fidelifacts. 

Fidelifacts will run checks in following areas:

New Staff
•    Social Security number trace
•    Criminal record check
•    National conviction & sex offender database
•    Driver’s license check
•    Employment history
•    Education background
•    Professional license (coaching only) verification

Returning Staff
•    Criminal record check
•    National conviction & sex offender database

The Request for Background Information form will be provided to you prior to employment along with the Disclosure Authorization form. Please make sure to complete this form in as much detail as possible. It is important to stress that we need your home address for the past ten years along with all employment history, (please use additional sheets if necessary). If you cannot remember the exact address, please provide city and state.

As per employment law, should a conditional contract offer be withdrawn due to a background check issue, you will be informed via registered mail with a detailed report of all background information that was reported.


o    All coaches need to complete and return this form 28 days prior to the start date of employment
o    We cannot permit any staff member to start work until your Background Check is on-file
o    Returning staff members that have not worked for Red Bull for a period of three months or longer are required to complete the Background Check procedure again
o    Background Checks along with a copy of your coaching qualifications need to be returned to the Manger Recruitment and Education:
o    Emailed:
o    Mailed:     Red Bull Arena, C/O Red Bull Training, 600 Cape May St, Harrison, NJ  07029




Please note that failure to complete this Background Check will result in the termination of your conditional contract


Foreign Based Coaches (United Kingdom)

Obtaining a police background check is the full responsibility of the individual.

There are two methods of obtaining a police background check:

1. UK Disclosure (CRB)

If you currently work with children you may already have a Disclosure. If this CRB check is dated within the last 12 months - Feb 1st of the current year, this can be used. Please note that we must see the original copy and a copy must be uploaded to your portal account (in the "My Documents" section). Please note individuals cannot apply for a CRB check, it has to be done by an employee. If your past or current employer has already asked you to apply for this background check, you should be able to ask them for a copy.

2. Subject Access or disclosure

A Subject Access is a summary of any data which is held about you on the National Police Computer (NPC). It is also sometimes known as an NPC check. Applicants based in Scotland or Northern Ireland should note that a Scottish Disclosure or Northern Ireland Subject Access will not be accepted on its own - you must obtain a UK Police National Computer Subject Access.

The background check costs are approximately £20 and takes about 7 to 21 days to be issued. You will be required to send documentation to prove your identity; details of acceptable proof should be provided on the application form. Please note that the cost of obtaining this check is your responsibility.

You can usually download the application forms for the Subject Access from your local police force website (look for links for Freedom of Information on their website). Your local police station should also be able to provide you with relevant forms.


o    All coaches are required to have their Background Check uploaded to the portal by March 1 (spring staff) or August 1 (fall staff)
o    We cannot permit any staff member to start work until your Background Check is on-file
o    Returning staff members that have not worked for Red Bull for a period of three month or longer are required to complete the Background Check procedure again.
o    If you are attending a training event, please bring an original copy with you. This is required for verification and will be returned to you at the event.




Please note that failure to complete this Background Check will result in the termination of your conditional contract





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Do I need a coaching pass?


Coaching Passes

Depending on your contract with your club, you may be responsible for being with your team on game days, and therefore, have to be on the sideline.

You’re not allowed on the sideline without a valid coaching pass for your particular league. This section will go into detail about how to obtain your coaching pass.

Depending on the region, there are different procedures that need to happen.

The front office or the club will let you know ahead of time which pass you will need for the season.


Eastern New York Youth Soccer

To obtain an ENYYSA coaching pass, the following is required:
•    A ENYYSA Risk Management Registration (background check)
•    Concussion Awareness Training/Certification

1. To begin the process click the link:
2. Scroll down and click on the league you will be coaching with – this information will be provided by your Red Bulls Training Programs Representative

  • This will take you to a new page
3. On this page: click on “Register Online” at the top of the page
  • If it is your first time being associated with Eastern New York Youth Soccer then click “create an account” and fill in the necessary information
  • If you already have an account, sign in with your information

4. Follow the instructions to complete your registration for Risk Management/Background Check

Concussion Test
1.    To take the concussion awareness course click on the link:

2. Click on “Programs” then “Risk Management”
3. In the left hand column under Risk Management click on “Concussion Awareness – Heads up”
4. To complete the course click on “HERE” which is located at the end of bottom of the summary about the course

New Jersey Youth Soccer

1. Complete your NJ Youth Soccer Coaching pass on the following website
2. Scroll to the bottom of the page.

  • For coaches trying to obtain a pass for the first time with NJYS click on “New Non Volunteer”
  • For returning coaches that have had a coaching pass with NJYS click on “Returning Non Volunteer”

3. For all coaches, follow the first link on the page to obtain the $30 coaching pass:

  • For new coaches fill in the information under “New Users” “Individual Users – New Account”
  • For coaches with a previous account, fill in the information under “Registered Users”

4. Red Bulls will provide the necessary insurance documentation
5. The $30 fee for the pass can be expensed with the receipt via regular expense procedures
6. When all steps above are complete, forward your confirmation email to the front office staff
7. Once the coaching pass is obtained notify the front office staff


Westchester Youth Soccer League
To obtain a permanent WYSL coaching pass, the following is required:
•    A WYSL two hour orientation course must be attended
•    Must have a NSCAA Level 1 or above, or hold an equivalent soccer coach license
•    All coaches must register for a background check by completing the staff registration and the US Club background check

1. Follow this link for more information on the two hour orientation and the coaching courses:
2. Click “Register Online” to complete the staff registration
  • The $15 fee can be expensed with the receipt via regular expense procedures
3. To complete your background check, click on the link:
4. At the top of the page click on “Resources” and then “Background Checks”
5. This will bring you to a new page, at the top of this page click “click here” to complete the staff background check application.
6. Fill in the necessary information to complete the background check
  • Registration Type: Coach
  • Select Club: Provided to you by Red Bulls Training Programs Representative
7. Forward your email confirmation to the front office staff once this process is completed

Northern Counties

To officially obtain a coaching pass with US Club Soccer, you need to fill out a background check application online, follow the instructions below.

1. Click on the link:
2. At the top of the page click on “Resources” and then “Background Checks”
3. This will bring you to a new page, at the top of this page click “click here” to complete the staff background check application
4. Fill in the necessary information to complete the background check

  • Registration Type: Coach
  • Select Club: Provided to you by Red Bulls Training Programs Representative

5. Forward your email confirmation to the front office staff once this process is completed

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How do I get concussion certification?

New York Red Bulls Head Injury Safety Training Programs

NJ State Law NO 2743
State of New Jersey
214th Legislature
Introduced May 13, 2012

In order to ensure the safety of athletes, coaches must be educated about the nature and treatment of concussions and other sports-related brain/head injuries, and all measures must be taken to prevent an athlete from experiencing second-impact syndrome.

Under the law, coaches are responsible for the health and safety of their athletes. In order to help protect the athletes of New Jersey, it is mandated that all coaches follow the New Jersey Concussion Policy. An Interscholastic athletic head-injury safety program has been designed online. As of 2012, this is mandatory for all coaches to complete.

Step-by-Step Guide:

1.    Click:
2.    Enter your full name, this is exactly how it will appear on the certificate
3.    Begin Exam
4.    Once completed, upload your certificate to the portal under “My Documents”

Total Test Time – 30 minutes

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What are the office staff contacts?

Name Position Phone Cell Email
Dave Jervis Director of Training Programs 973-776-8823 551-482-6710
Marguerite Ferrell Senior Manager of Coach Recruitment & Education 973-776-8827 201-310-0987
Ricky King Coach Recruitment & Education Manager 973-776-8834 862-754-9774
Grant Findlay Coach Operations Coordinator 973-776-8986 908-655-1809
Matt Reeves Coach Operations Coordinator 973-776-8830 551-206-5285
Kelley Carvalho Training Programs Coordinator 973-268-8473 908-892-9961
Simon Barrow Regional Development Schools Manager 973-776-8833 201-575-1625
Tom Moriarty Regional Manager R2 Rep-North West NJ 973-776-8835 201-293-9307
Nick Bogiatzopoulos Regional Manager R1 Rep-Central South NJ