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Course Pathway

Course Levels

The following table helps youth soccer organizations and coaches understand and navigate each course pathway.  In general, courses can be broken down into the following broad categories.

Level Description
Introductory Entry level courses for new or novice coaches
Intermediate Designed for coaches who have an understanding of the game and some youth soccer coaching experience
Advanced Focused towards career minded coaches that have a strong coaching background with significant coaching experience
Specialty Courses for all coaching levels that are specific to certain topic areas

Course Details


The following table provides a detailed overview of all courses that are available as part of the U.S. coaching course landscape.  The New York Red Bulls and New Jersey Youth Soccer Association's main focus is at the grassroots level, this includes offering Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced courses, along with Specialty Courses appropriate for coaches at any level. This table is meant to provide a coach with the coaching curriculum available to them to further their skills at any level.

Course Name



Target Age/Focus Contact Hours Testing Prerequisite
 U6 – U8 Youth Coaching Module* NJ Youth Soccer Association  U6 to U8  2 No None
  U10 – U12 Youth Coaching Module*  NJ Youth Soccer Association  U10 to U12  2 No None
 Level 1 NSCAA U6 to U8 4 No None
 Level 2 NSCAA U8 to U10 6 No None
 GK Level 1 NSCAA Team Coaches 6 No None
F License** NJ Youth Soccer Association U8 to U12 9 No None
Level 3 NSCAA New Team Coaches 9 No None: Intro Course  Recommended
Level 4 NSCAA Technical Application 12 No None: L3  Recommended
Level 5 NSCAA Tactical Application 12 No None: L4  Recommended
Level 6 NSCAA Application in 4v4 & 6v6 18 Informal None: L5  Recommended
E License US Soccer U9 to U12 18 Yes None:  F or L3 Recommended
GK Level 2 NSCAA Specialized GK Coaches 12 No GK Level 1
GK Level 3 NSCAA Advanced GK Coaches 18 No GK Level 2
D License US Soccer U9 to U12 36 Yes E License
National Youth License US Youth Soccer U6 to U12 40 Yes D License
Adv. National GK Diploma NSCAA Advanced GK Coaches 50 Yes GK Level 3
National Diploma NSCAA 6v6 Tactics 45 Yes None: L6 Strongly Recommended
C License US Soccer U12 to U15 55 Yes D License
Adv. National Diploma NSCAA 8v8 Tactics 45 Yes National Diploma
B License US Soccer U16 + 60 Yes C License
Premier Diploma NSCAA 11v11 Tactics 45 Yes Adv. National Diploma
A License US Soccer Senior Players 60 Yes B License
Specialty - All Levels
Special Topics Diplomas NSCAA All Varies N/A N/A
TOPS Soccer (Coaches) US Youth Soccer All 4 N/A N/A
TOPS Soccer (Buddies) US Youth Soccer All 2 N/A N/A

Important Notes

*The U6/U8 and U10/U12 Youth Modules consist of an online and field component. The first step in taking either of these courses is to register for the online module, to do this coaches are required to set up an account at US Youth Soccer and register for the respective online module, to do this click here. After completing the online course, coaches can then attend a field session that is set up at various locations within the state. There is no cost to attend these courses.

**The NJYSA F License remains the basic requirement to coach a travel team that is playing under a club associated with New Jersey Youth Soccer Association. Coaches that take the NJYSA F License will also be awarded the NSCAA Level 3 Diploma along with a 12 month free NSCAA membership.

Online Education

As part of the New York Red Bulls overall course offerings and support programs, the following online education courses are recommended and are available through the NSCAA and US Youth Soccer.  Online workshops provide a great supplemental resource to field and classroom based courses.

Course Title/Focus Provider Course Link
Parents' Guide and Introduction to Youth Soccer US Youth Soccer www.usyouthsoccer.org/online-educaton/
Constructive Soccer: Principles of Play Clinic US Youth Soccer www.usyouthsoccer.org/online-educaton/
Heads Up: Concussion in Sports Intro Course US Youth Soccer www.usyouthsoccer.org/online-educaton/
Tactical Situation Test NSCAA www.nscaa.com/education/online/quiz
Instructional Videos NSCAA www.nscaa.com/education/online/instructional-videos
Interactive Youth Coaching Presentations NSCAA www.nscaa.com/education/online/interactive-presentations
Soccer Diet NSCAA www.nscaa.com/education/online/soccer-diet
Sports Safety NSCAA www.nscaa.com/education/online/sport-safety
Special Topics Webinars NSCAA www.nscaa.com/education/special-topics-webinars#principles

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