Winter Training Clinics





New York Red Bulls Winter Training Clinics provide youth soccer players with an opportunity to continue their skills development during the off season. With over forty training locations throughout New York and New Jersey, programs are easily accessible and cater to all ages and abilities.  The clinics are focused on individual skills development, for advanced level players there’s an opportunity to try out for our Regional Development Schools which also offers showcase team opportunities.


WEEK TOPIC SEASON 1 (Dec.-Jan.) SEASON 2 (Jan.-Mar.)
1 Dribbling - Individual possession in small and large spaces Small Space - i.e - protecting ball, Outside Cut Larger Space - i.e. - Running with the Ball, Ronaldo Chop
2 Moves - Deceptive moves and feints to beat an opponent Pressure in front, Momentum, Scissors/Double Scissors Pressure in front, Momentum, Inside-outside/Inside-outside-Scissors
3 Stop-Starts - Using stop-starts to change direction to beat a player or create space Attacking in wide areas (going up the line) - Runaround/Cryuff Going across the field - High Wave/Drag-Turn
4 Turns - Using turns to change direction to beat a player or create space Pressure in Front, no momentum, L-Turn/U-turn Pressure in Front, momentum, Outside Twist Off/Inside Twist Off
5 Passing and Receiving - How to pass and receive the ball with different types of pressure  Inside of foot technique Outside of the foot
6 Shooting - Break down of the correct technique to strike at goal  Ball going away from you Ball coming towards you