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Skills Camp

Overview of Soccer Skills Camp

New York Red Bulls soccer skills camps are offered at various locations throughout New York, New Jersey, and select towns within Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

Please keep reading to learn more about the soccer camp program, at the bottom of the page a link provides access to a list of Red Bulls Skills Camps.

The soccer skills camp focuses on the introduction and mastery of skill in a fun learning environment. This is achieved through maximum ball contacts, expert coaching, and daily homework assignments. Through our camp structure and connection to the professional game, an environment is created that keeps players invested in their own development long after the camp concludes.

Each day focuses on a different topic, players are assigned to a group based on age and ability levels. Camps typically run for three or six hours per day over a five day period. All campers receive the following benefits:

  • adidas ball and T-shirt
  • Certificate signed by Red Bulls team
  • One complimentary ticket to a New York Red Bulls regular season home match.


Soccer Camp Hosting opportunities

Any sports organization can host a Soccer Skills Camp. Setting up a camp is an easy three step process:

Step 1: Pick a date - Dates based on availability.

Step 2: Pick a time - Morning, afternoon or evening.

Step 3: Start promoting the camp, all registrations are taken online.

Host organizations are required to provide an adequate field with bathroom facilities.

Daily Topics

During the first four days of camp players will extensively cover new technical skills, the goal of each topic is to introduce, refine, and master the skill.On the final day of camp players will participate in Skills Challenges, to help gauge development, as well as an end of camp tournament.

Day Topic Focus of the topic
Monday Dribbling Deceptive moves and feints to beat an opponent
Tuesday Turns Changes in direction to beat a player or create space
Wednesday Passing and Receiving Improve passing range and accuracy, and first touch to maintain possession of the ball
Thursday Shooting Striking techniques to score goals
Friday Tournament Day End of camp tournament

The following video shares an example activity from our Skills Camp curriculum

Soccer Camp Structure

Skills Camps typically operate for 3.5 or 6.5 hours per day. Each day is carefully structured to ensure optimal learning.



Section   Time    Theme         Key Points
Check in / Activator 30 minutes 3 v 3 Camper check-in, daily safety checks and 3 v 3 small sided games
Warm Up 20 minutes Ball
Main focus is to maximize ball contact. One ball per player is used.
Main Activity  70 minutes Skill Phase
  • Techniques introduced on a scale from non opposed to fully opposed. The objective is to progress from learning the action to performing the action under pressure
  • High frequency of repetitions and variety
Break  15 minutes Rest Fun non-soccer activities.
Conditioned Activity  45 minutes Game Related
  • Small-sided group play
  • Conditions added to reinforce the application of skill
  • Activities to goal with many attacking and defending opportunities
  • Individually based daily skills challenges operated along small sided games
Match  25 minutes Free Play Session ends with a competitive scrimmage.
Debrief  5 minutes Homework Review of daily topic and homework assignment.

    (Follows on from 3 hour camp)

 Section Time  Theme   Key Points
Lunch Break 30 minutes Lunch Campers provide own lunch.
Warm Up
15 minutes
Main focus is to maximize ball contact. One ball per player is used.
Main Activity
Part 2
45 minutes Shooting & Finishing
  • High tempo activities with many goal scoring opportunities
  • Variety of striking techniques
  • Crossing and breakaways
Break 15 minutes Rest Fun non-soccer activities
Tournament Play 75 minutes Street Soccer
  • Small-sided tournament play
  • Players rotated through randomly picked teams



For more information:
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