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Golden Goal Sports Park

About Golden Goal Sports Park

Golden Goal Sports Park is designed from the ground up to provide organizations and teams with everything they need to reach the next level. Built in 2007 to be the perfect sports retreat, Golden Goal Sports Park has evolved into a facility that caters for professional clubs, D1 colleges, elite academies, high schools and travel teams alike.


New for 2018, this location is now served by return trip bus transport from Red Bull Arena. With buses departing Harrison, NJ on the Sunday morning, and returning Thursday evening, this premium location has never been more accessible.



Key Features

  • 8 full-size fields (4 turf, 4 grass)
  • Players’ Lounge (FIFA, Soccer Tennis, Ping Pong, etc.)
  • Ropes-style Challenge Course
  • Large Residential Cabins
  • Outdoor Movie Screen
  • Optional return-trip bus transport from Red Bull Arena, Harrison, NJ
  • Host to the inaugural Elite Player Combine

Location and Nearby Amenities

  • Secluded Golden Goal Sports Park located in Fort Ann, NY
  • 15 minutes from Lake George and Lake George Outlets

Camp Dates and Registration

Week 1:  Sunday, August 19th to August 23rd Register-Now
Week 2: Sunday, August 26th to Thursday, August 30th Register-Now





  • For week 2 (8/26 to 8/20) return trip transport is available for just $200 per camper
  • Buses pick up and drop off from Red Bull Arena, Harrison, NJ
  • All check-in and check-out procedures handled at bus pick-up. No need for parents to ever be on camp!
  • Use the link below to register. Upon signing up for transportation, detailed information is emailed to you one week prior to departure.
  • Buses are booked according to demand. Due to the nature of booking transportation, this fee is 100% non-refundable.
Week 2: Sunday, August 26th to Thursday, August 30th registernow




Golden Goal RDS Residential Camp


For  More Information

  • 1-888-370-7287