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Weather Updates

Please see the below update on the RDS Summer Showcase practice scheduled for Thursday, July 13th.

6:00pm session (B2006, G2005, G2006/07):

  • At the current time, this session is ON as scheduled. It will not be cancelled in advance.
  • Our trainers plan to be at the facility, so any potential cancellation will be made at the field.
  • If you are travelling large distances to training, we advise not attending, as there is a strong likelihood that the session could be cut short if the storms arrive as forecast.
  • A reminder that no further emails will be sent about this session, but your team coach will send an update via TeamSnap if necessary.

7:30pm session (B2008 RED/WHITE, B2007 RED/WHITE):

  • At the current time, this session is ON as scheduled.
  • We think it highly likely that the session will be cancelled due to thunderstorms, but want to wait until closer to the time before making this call.
  • An update will be sent around 5:30pm, depending on the forecast at that time.
  • Should the session be cancelled in advance, we will send an email to let you know, and your coach will send an update via TeamSnap.

Due to the uncertainty surrounding the nature of tonight’s storms, as always, we ask you to use your best judgement when deciding whether to travel or not.